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Taking a much-needed week-long vacation and I can feel my muse stirring after what feels like years of writer's block. I think playing the Wekesa family in The Sims 3 helped. And thus I bring you: Bakari and Batuuli having a cameo in Abandoned Gardens:

1800s photography and my attempts at traditional Swahili clothing, oh my! )

If anyone out there actually knows about East African traditional clothing and can let me know if what I gave Batuuli and Bakari makes sense, that would be great. Unfortunately yet unsurprisingly, the internet did not yield a lot of information, what with its European-centric views and all.

And as a fun bonus, one of Alden and Bakari's adopted children married a man who then used Joy for a magician trick:

She made exactly the face I'd expect. Also grr, my spreadsheet says Bakari has brown-red hair but in the Sims he still has the blonde-red hair he started with! Which one is it, me?!

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TW for mentions of war )

Just something I'm working on today.
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TW for PTSD )

Rose May had a pretty damn traumatic experience during the Frenton Rebellion, yet I never seem to touch upon it in AG. This is me attempting to -- I feel like Duff's at times intimidating, emotionless manner may be enough to set her off. Duff was likely in his twenties when shit went down, so he'd remember the story of the little girl, once it got around. And I would not be surprised if it was that story that gave him another push to abandon high-class society.

Feel free to comment and give me tips. I don't have PTSD myself so I'm writing based on what it feels like it would be, to me.

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My circadian rhythm has decided to fuck everything again, and after a few weeks of waking up at 7AM, then a few more weeks waking up at 6AM, this morning I woke up at 5-fucking-AM. NP recommended upping the trazadone and I'll be leaving work early tomorrow (did so today as well, or tried) to try and convince the dumbassery to go away, thanks.

Been trying to get back into writing regularly, but seems I'm at a rough point in AG. Here you all are anyway:

TW for spousal abuse )

Rose May is a one-track record and she ain't gonna skip because you're going to Frenton.

On that sleep-deprived note, will try to get a bit more writing tonight. We shall see.

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Eventually I may post a whole story here, but my brain's been a tad ADD with writing lately.

[community profile] cottoncandy_bingo, Deciding to have / not have children

Read more... )

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. My new laptop came in and it is shiny and beautiful, though I may have to change the resolution settings because I am, unfortunately, blind as a bat and this text is a tad too small. I can see it and read it, but my nearsighted/astigmatism combo is making it feel a bit wobbly.

Perhaps I will make some characters in the Sims and share them. I always start fresh with new computers -- growing up my father would have to regularly format my computer's hard drive because old Windows was hilariously unstable, and that computer was just evil anyway. It meant new petz, new everything, and while technology has come along enough for me to fit the entire petz 3 game on my USB, I still start all other games with a clean slate.

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I need to get into the shower and then off to the doctor's for a blood draw, but woke up with a better idea of how the second part of the Nur story would go, so figured I'd share. I want to keep writing, but there's this thing called WORK that I gotta do. LAME.

No TWs; this is the happy part of the story )

I've never written about Nur and Rose May when they first meet, but needless to say, I imagine them as becoming instant BFFs. Also I hope my writing fails (instead instead of instant? Really brain?) clear up by the time I'm at work.

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Went to a "Shut Up and Write!" meetup for the first time in a very long time, and found it productive -- wrote nearly 2K words in two hours!

Here, have an excerpt:

Welen is a really weird place )

Rezten was originally based off of Lindblum from Final Fantasy IX, and sometimes it's really hard for me to forget that it is NOT a castle within a castle with magical steampunk flying things. So sometimes I have to worldbuild.

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First, health update: my knee is better. Today I may have accidentally undone a lot of the healing by trying to do too much at once, but once my laundry is dry in about thirty minutes I'll be forcing myself to flop my ass permanently at my computer or on the couch.

Second, for those of you considering publishing work or just having fail organizational skills, I highly recommend Scrivener. This neat little program allows you to keep all of your writing for projects in one place. It comes with a full trial for 30 NONCONSECUTIVE (!) days. It took me over a year to get through the trial and I couldn't imagine going back to using just WordPad, so I got it for the $40 license. Now when I write AG, I can have previous revision chapters right alongside what I'm working on, or the previous chapters, etc, without having four or five WordPad documents open. Overall a win-win.

And now, writing excerpt:

Really, all Rose May and Co. do is drink tea and contemplate shit )

Hopefully more writing today, but I've been addicted to Sims again so we'll see.

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I've been having "oh god, have I lost the desire to write, will I abandon all of my writings after losing faith in them?!" crazy pants thoughts, so I loaded up AG again.

This is crap writing but shouldn't have any triggers at least )

I really need to go through this again and add helpful things like introspection and complex sentences, but I thought I'd share what I was working on.

Also, just an odd side note that relates. I've tried very hard to have other languages be at an absolute minimum in my work. After all, this isn't Earth, so things like English, German, Arabic, etc. don't truly exist. However, you may have noticed that some singular words -- such as vampire terms, or Batuuli's poor Ubiquitous -- are sprinkled with Earth words, like simba (Swahili for "lion"). Some Arebian countries have silly German names like Baumland ("Tree Land"), and the translator's name is EXTREMELY German.

So, just this once, I decided to use my own German so I had something for Duff to be saying, rather than saying "Rose May heard a foreign language" over and over. But I really want my work to be easily translatable, which is why I keep stuff like this to a minimum. Once I feel more comfortable in this story again, I'll likely edit it out so I don't have full phrases in Earth languages.

And as you can see, Duff has a low tolerance for bullshit, haha.



Mar. 22nd, 2014 02:58 pm
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It was supposed to be a normal trip down to Frenton, the closest major city to their farm. A simple trip of selling grains and produce...

TW for violence (including against children) )
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Work was crazy busy for the first half of month since our lab was due for inspection by a major accreditation facility. Think OSHA + FDA. They showed up Wednesday and there were a few moments when I thought the whole thing would fall apart... But we only got a single deficiency for an overdue fire drill, which apparently is incredible. If one more person congratulates me, I may dissolve into the floor to hide.

This weekend is very much recovery weekend, but here, have a tiny bit of writing:

For gen bingo, one of two tropes, not sure how it will play out yet )

Rose May is such a petulant 1800s teenager.

This story will be me trying to write 1800s schooling, Welen-style. I imagine it as like modern schooling, but that is just SO inaccurate. 1800s schools were both stricter and more lax than ours. Physical discipline was commonplace, but apparently so were guns since a good chunk of the school shootings listed on Wikipedia are some punk kid shooting his own foot while playing with a gun in class.

Rose May grew up and was educated on a farm up until some serious bullshit occurred (apparently that story isn't up on DW! Will have to get it for you guys). It's only been a year since her life was violently uprooted, so naturally, her opinion of everything is shrouded in doubt.

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Okay, it isn't really. But with how I write him, sometimes I wonder.

Hafstra's role at the moment is BE UTTERLY CRAZY MAN )

I'm not too pleased with this scene, mostly because I don't like using my vampires as deus ex machinas (Mahli would probably make more sense here, but I imagined Nur doing it, so there it is). In the last draft, this scene happened upon Rose May's first meeting with Hafstra, where Rheanna was there to provide the translation for "my wife". But somehow I forgot to have Rose May ask why Hafstra was in Welen in the first place; instead they just talked about him being arrested and boring shit like that.

So yeah, may end up rewriting those scenes so this can go in its proper place. Let me know what you think, though.
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I've managed to get myself what is either strep throat or laryngitis (or perhaps some horror mix of the two), which is pretty great since I'm supposed to go to the dentist tomorrow. I'm hoping some food and tea will at least bring my voice partially back, and I'm hoping by some magical powers that this completely clears up by tomorrow.

It probably won't since my immune system is a shit. In any case, here, have an AG excerpt.

The more I write, the more I add social issues )
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First the excerpt. Then I'll explain the subject.

In which we learn about Mahli )

And now, the explanation! It's like behind-the-scenes, except Inception behind-the-scenes since this isn't published yet and... Yeah.

My issue ever since writing modern Mahli has been convincing the reader that, considering his attitude and power, that he still can't take over the world. THis is very difficult considering modern fantasy and just media in general. People who are super powerful compared to others invariably try to take over the world, pose a major safety hazard, whatever.

But the thing is, even with the ability to mind-control twelve people? That still leaves hundreds of thousands of people who could use that opportunity to go after Mahli. Twelve people also is assuming he is not using his telepathy to make up for his severe physical disabilities, which Mahli implies he does with the "manage eight" comment. Mahli's arrogance, stemmed from his special treatment and just growing up with mountain faeries, results in him tending to spy on people's thoughts freely, trying to get an advantage, impress people, etc. This uses up yet more of his power.

If Mahli wanted to get into a fight? He'd most likely pour a lot of energy into removing more of his physical disabilities than he does normally (he still uses a cane). This would be taxing enough that he'd be reduced to likely an average vampire in terms of telepathy, and human officials know how to deal with that kind of power. And as shown in this scene, any magic users would quickly sense shit going down and go in to subdue him.

So in conclusion: Mahli is extremely powerful, but still a human, and a significantly crippled human at that. He is also smart enough to know that even with his awesomeness, an attempt to truly skirt the law would end up with him severely injured or dead.

And so he deals with society and being regarded as a freak due to his physical deformities as best he can. For those who don't know:

Severe physical deformities )

So yes. That's him using telepathy so he can walk more easily, and he still needs the cane. Multiple times in the story he gets sick of it and just floats around, freaking people out XD But to reserve power and not exhaust himself mentally, he usually just sticks with the cane and walking.

I should stop babbling and go to bed but yes. Mahli is one of my favourites for whatever reason. He's just interesting.

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DW yesterday gave me a triple-whammy reminder of why sometimes it is REALLY bad for my mental health, but I giggled at YouTube videos and felt better, and so I'll try to make a post.

1) I am feeling much better post-ER adventure. Some chest pain here and there, but now that I know what it is, I try not to stress about it.

2) Work started up a free yoga class at our office gym. I really like the instructor's style since it incorporates mindfulness. It also beat the CRAP out of me. I've been sore all day, man. If this doesn't build up my strength, nothing will.

3) I seem to be slowly coming out of my disinterest in food phase.

4) 3-day weekend

5) The prompt for this is actually this video:

(PS: This blogger is what had me giggling and made me feel better. She rocks)

I wasn't planning to have the tea reader to be a fundamentalist )

I'll finish it eventually.

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Seriously, my ability to concentrate has been kind of shit, as has been my ability to keep myself entertained as a result. Regardless, today:

a) I bought eggs from some random guy in the next city over for $4, which is cheaper than Target's organic cagefree eggs. Somehow.

b) I got some writing done:

It took me too long to write the latter half of this scene )

So yeah. Thursday night work had a social event at the Exploratorium in SF. I spent most of it traveling alone, which was honestly a way better way for me to enjoy that type of thing. The only issue is that TW for anxiety symptoms ) I think I missed a tragic amount of interesting things as a result.

I get kind of judgmental when I talk about drunk people. )

Seriously. I've had to be gentle to too many hungover people, and combining that with my overall family's alcoholism, my tolerance for drunken shenanigans is extremely low. They are funny to watch, for me, only to a point, and then I just want to leave.

But yeah. Definitely a place I'll have to visit again.

I'm not really sure what else to talk about; my mother could only wrangle 30min out of me on the phone today, maybe because phones have been on the anxiety list lately as well. Or because she called me and not the other way around. Who knows.

Either way, I feel exhausted despite having no real reason to, so I'm going to try and relax a bit and not guilt myself over not writing enough.

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Chapter Two finished; it was way easier since there weren't that many changes to make from the second revision.

Except for Greta's attitude, which is now MUCH more snooty upper-class woman )

Also it's shedding season for Thalia. I can tell because my allergies are PISSED. Dusting the coffee table probably wasn't the smartest idea either. HOpefully OTCs get rid of the tight feeling in my chest.
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Shut up and Write Today. Finished the rewrite of Chapter I of AG.

We also got to read excerpts today if we wanted. Here's mine. )

They liked it, said it was funny, so yays.
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For [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo, I wrote a story about young Nur and Rose May visiting a strip club.

Here, have an excerpt. )

I'll post the whole thing later, but this was fun to write. IT was especially interesting because I used the Etymology dictionary for slang and words, so now the dialogue is slightly more authentic 1800s, though probably in subtle ways that you won't notice.

Now to play video games.



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