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Birthdate:Jun 26
I am Brittany, also known as Breeze. I'm a biromantic asexual vegetarian with a penchant for writing and complaining about varied mental and physical problems. I also cook, bake, draw, photograph, and garden. So how clear is it that I am a perfectionist?

My writing is primarily based in a fantasy world of my own imagination, considering of your traditional fantasy creatures turned into something very much nontraditional. And all of it is brought to you in a quasi-tongue-in-cheek narrative. I focus on realistic fantasy -- my world isn't in danger of exploding, though if the many species don't stop fighting it may.

My main novel is Abandoned Gardens, a novel that's basically about Rose May's career choices. And also features a vampire with a chicken, a battered woman, two wacky bosses (one of them gay. With a werewolf boyfriend), and a faerie in a coffee shop. Because that's how my world works.

My short stories take place in the same world but are much more varied and may include anything from Tegre's PTSD hallucinations to Nur buying a chicken. You know how it goes.

Also: in my professional life I work as a quality assurance associate for a start-up doing pre-natal genetic testing, while I have a degree in biomedical engineering. So if you want to ask me something about biology? Go right ahead. :)

I am extremely shy, but don't let that stop you from following me and checking out my work and ramblings. Each comment on my writing is like a duckling in my brain, and I LOVE DUCKLINGS.
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