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Eventually I may post a whole story here, but my brain's been a tad ADD with writing lately.

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Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. My new laptop came in and it is shiny and beautiful, though I may have to change the resolution settings because I am, unfortunately, blind as a bat and this text is a tad too small. I can see it and read it, but my nearsighted/astigmatism combo is making it feel a bit wobbly.

Perhaps I will make some characters in the Sims and share them. I always start fresh with new computers -- growing up my father would have to regularly format my computer's hard drive because old Windows was hilariously unstable, and that computer was just evil anyway. It meant new petz, new everything, and while technology has come along enough for me to fit the entire petz 3 game on my USB, I still start all other games with a clean slate.

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(Prompt from an old Bingo Card: trust)

Meander? )

A young Meander (estimated 12-13 years old) talks with a sailor to be smuggled to the continent of Welen.

Meander was orphaned very young, with no name or identity. I imagine he went through an orphanage or two before living in the streets instead. He understands the Eroqi tongue (not sure which one it is) very well, but cannot speak it as well, and can only read a few words (even then, he's associated that "symbol" with the object, so not "true" reading). What he DOES have is a more-than-photographic memory thanks to untrained telepathy. Hence, when he remembers things, he can cough them back up in the exact same voice, emotion, etc. Ability to do so fades as he forgets, of course, but some memories are strong enough for them to stay vivid... Like the mystery stranger who gave him his name.

Edit - Leaving a note mostly to myself, though you're welcome to ask for details (TW anxiety on those, though):

"My brain is in the feedback loop FROM HELL"
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DW yesterday gave me a triple-whammy reminder of why sometimes it is REALLY bad for my mental health, but I giggled at YouTube videos and felt better, and so I'll try to make a post.

1) I am feeling much better post-ER adventure. Some chest pain here and there, but now that I know what it is, I try not to stress about it.

2) Work started up a free yoga class at our office gym. I really like the instructor's style since it incorporates mindfulness. It also beat the CRAP out of me. I've been sore all day, man. If this doesn't build up my strength, nothing will.

3) I seem to be slowly coming out of my disinterest in food phase.

4) 3-day weekend

5) The prompt for this is actually this video:

(PS: This blogger is what had me giggling and made me feel better. She rocks)

I wasn't planning to have the tea reader to be a fundamentalist )

I'll finish it eventually.

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Warning: Basically all of these stories are a trigger warning for violence, pain, suffering, etc. Please ask if you want specifics on individual stories.

Title: The Stove
Genre: Fantasy
The Troops: Meander and Rose May
Status: Complete but rough
Rating: PG-13 for disturbing imagery
Summary: Some things, you just cannot forget or get past. Some things come back to haunt you...
Prompt: [community profile] hc_bingo Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Author's Notes: I haven't worked with Meander in ages; it was fun to get into his head again.

Why are the dreams I write so bizarre? )

Title: Surrogate Grove
Genre: Fantasy
The Troops: Dryads
Status: Complete but rough
Rating: PG-13 for disturbing imagery, violence, slavery, general awful
Summary: When you have no hope left, sometimes being alive is the last step forward.
Prompt: [community profile] hc_bingo Slaves
Author's Notes: I couldn't figure out who would enslave what in my world, and then this happened.

The stories just get more depressing from here. )

Title: For One's Land (Title Pending)
Genre: Fantasy
The Troops: Demons and mountain faeries
Status: Complete but rough
Rating: PG-13 for graphic violence, general awful
Summary: In a land where prey is scarce and predators are fierce, sometimes all that comes in the night is tragedy
Prompt: [community profile] hc_bingo Bites
Author's Notes: First time trying third-person omnipresent in a LONG time. Also you all have [personal profile] raze to thank for this.

Also first time I've written a legit fight in ages. )

Just need to finish the Gareth story and figure out a wild card story, now. Also sorry these are so rough and bad; I just want to get these in, and I'm very tired from insomnia.

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On Arebe... )

On Malanee... )

Little blurbs that came to me. Tegre encouraging Kader to go back to doctoring, and then the rewrite of Rose May and Meander's house being burned down. This time, everyone lives (except maybe Tadhg. He may be sort of screwed if someone doesn't pull Nur off). As for why Meander didn't just have Nur teleport them all out -- that would have been pretty tiring for Nur, and he had a feeling the arsonist could be found by someone dedicated enough to search (Almas, I imagine, is out somewhere, otherwise he'd be helping). Meander, being very focused on getting his wife and kids out of the house, didn't want to divert his attention to it, and unfortunately cannot teleport (if he'd been properly trained in time, he'd be actually be better at it than Nur).

Also: that vampire insult came to me and I just HAD to put it somewhere.

And I'm pretty sure Rose May eventually just breaks down into sobbing because my god, if I saw my house burning, I'd do the same thing.

Sleep time.

Edit - I just realized that Rose May and Meander's twins have the most traumatizing babyhood ever. First their house is burned down, then their city is BOMBED. Those kids are going to have such bad PTSD and barely remember WHY.

Edit Again - I just realized without context this may make Rose May seem like a Helpless Woman (TM). For those unfamiliar with my work: Rose May has asthma during the 1800s. Meander was helping her out and getting her out first because he knew she would collapse and die really fas. He was seriously planning to go with her to get their kids, but when he saw the roof was already going, he decided to get her out and just get some severe burns for the sake of all of them surviving.

The NEXT time their house is on fire (... Yes, it happens again. See "traumatizing babyhood for twins"), Rose May gets to the kids faster than Meander. Basically: Meander and Rose May are both BAMFs who will never, ever sleep the night again. >.>

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So I am making my characters in the Sims III.

And oh man.

It shouldn't be this DIFFICULT.

First off, Sims III is like "Uh-duh, I'm not gonna let Rose May be overweight and have a narrow face, uh-dur." Even though that's just how her body WORKS. She naturally has a relatively narrow face and narrow nose, while she is a little plump. But Sims III apparently does not agree with this.

Also, I kept her watch on for all outfits, even sleeping or swimming, for hahas. She's such a workaholic she must know the time AT EVERY MOMENT.

And her traits are fairly straightforward. We can tell relatively quickly that Rose May is hard-working. It becomes clear that she is actually a self-professed Workaholic (Trait I), and a perfectionist (Trait II) at that. But what else? Well, her disapproval of Gareth's actions shows she is, in fact, a Good (Trait III) person. Her actions during the invasion of Antelon indicate she loves her family and puts them high on her list of priorities, making her Family-Oriented (Trait IV).

But that last trait?

Well, it's not like I don't know my character. But she is not friendly enough to have that trait, for she can stand off a bit. She fits little of the Body traits. She is ambitious, but not enough to make it a trait. She is an average flirt, has no real commitment issues, and is neutral to the subject of art. Technology didn't exist very much back then but she isn't bothered by what is there.

Caffeine-Addicted, sadly, is not a trait I can choose. So that narrows it down to two: Heavy Sleeper, and Hydrophobic. Her heavy sleeping tendencies are implied in AG (or will be). As for Hydrophobic, I simply cannot imagine Rose May willingly going out to a pool and jumping in. She'd rather read, or go out shopping, or chat over some tea.

I think I will stick with Heavy Sleeper since it is novel-related.

And as usual, the Sims pops out my character: one lifetime wish is "Big Family". It doesn't come up often in the novel, but Rose May is BIG on family and friends; her mother dying at a young age probably influenced that. While I can't see her wanting five children like Sims wish, she does care deeply for her daughters and husband, and extended friends, and harming them would be like having killed her mother.

Favourites isn't too difficult. Rose May strikes me as a classical fan, and her fondness of sandwiches makes me choose "Cheesesteak" for a meal. But colour? I picked Orange, though I have dressed Rose May in mostly browns and pastels. Just because I can.

For voice I choose a pitch a little on the low end, but still feminine.

Next... Nur. Last name is a first issue because vampires don't HAVE last names, so picked something random. The next issue is that fact that she's human, but I can't stop that. So at the end, after giving her afro-textured mini braids (vampires have uber-thick hair and styles like tight, mini braids and other "afro" styles are extremely common), baby-blue eyes, and such, I gave her tiger costume make-up. Just to symbolize the non-humanness. I also give her tattoos, as I can see vampires being big on tattoos. From there I made most of her clothing revealing and pink, because Nur, when not stuck in sunlight, shows it all off. Soon the game automatically started giving me exposing, pink clothes. That's the spirit, Sims III!

Now for traits. Flirty (Trait I) is a big one for Nur, who flirts with anything that moves. Next is a vampire trait, Good Sense of Humor (Trait II). Nur is also protrayed as being very wild, willingly going out in day regularly, which for vampires is a Daredevil (Trait III). Nur also seems to get excited by Rose May's common charades, making her Excitable (Trait IV). At this point I notice Nur's traits follow the alphabet (DEFG), and decide I must complete this. I choose Hydrophobic (Trait V). Big bodies of water, for vampires, are associated with swamps and thus with Oerdum, a species they have a shaky truce with and choose to avoid.

The Lifetime wishes my game give me aren't very Nur-ish; but then, what is Nur's goal in life? As a vampire, she doesn't really have one beyond have fun. So I go for the one that involves Charisma, as vampires love to make friends. This also means she'll need to be a good guitar player, but I can see that in Nur.

Favourites? As a blood drinker, favourite food is... Tricky. I pick Sushi since it's raw, though vampires are not fish fans (fish = Oerdum prey = OERDUM AAAAH). The game has already picked Pink for her favourite colour; I'm telling you, this game reads my mind. And music? I think of Nur as a metal fan, but we'll choose Indie. Because this is NUR.

Next is Meander. I give him a splash of grey in his hair to differentiate from Nur's. The guy I'm given is a cute kid in glasses; not quite, Sims. We'll see if it figures it out. Meander is rather thin, with some muscle, and a naturally-bony and angular face. That's what a life of malnutrition does to you. Clothing is trickier, though; Meander doesn't strike me as terribly former or certain of what to wear, even in his later years. I throw random stuff together.

Next are traits. Meander is mostly defined by his bipolar, but he also has a Good Sense of Humor (Trait I). To show his bipolar, I choose Over-Emotional (Trait II), which makes a Sim's mood swings more severe. He is very focused on learning how to read, which makes me think that once he learns, he's probably a bit of a Bookworm (Trait III). He is also extremely shy, even once he understands society a bit more, making him somewhat of a Loner (Trait IV). The last trait is tricky. Meander strikes me as not being a big flirt, but he'se also extremely intelligent, though perhaps not genius-level. He's very polite, but that doesn't translate into friendly. So I think I'll just stick with Unflirty (Trait V).

The Lifetime wishes I'm given revolve around writing. This is odd, since in the novel Meander actually makes intricate jewerly for a job. However, considering his interest in news, I don't see "Star News Anchor" as being too odd except concerning how shy he is. However, novel!Meander has powerful telepathy, so he could probably avoid talking too much. Star News Anchor it is!

Favourites are next. Meander likes any food he can find due to being starved when young. And dammit, I totally forgot he's a natural chef! We'll replace Unflirty with Natural Chef. Sadly, this means we lose "Star News Anchor", so we'll pick the "Five Star Chef" trait.

For favourite food, I choose "Stu Surprise", as it strikes me as a cheap, warm comfort food. Music is Classical and Colour is "Sea Foam"; random choices, basically. Voice is tricky; Meander speaks with a thick accent even later on, so I pick a deeper voice, and find one that sounds accented.

Last but certainly not least is Almas. I would do Gareth and Andy too, but they are not in fact part of the household in Malanee. They will be their separate family.

Almas is paler than pale and also muscular, which gives him hilarious broad shoulders. I also give him cornrows because FUCK YES CORNROWS, then realize Almas really wouldn't wear that hairstyle. Boooo, Almas. But then I find this weird "I'm trying to shape my hair like a stereotypical Native American headdress" thing and it is PERFECT and I'm happy again.

Almas ends up as the sexiest Sim alive. I don't know either. I don't give him tattoos because he strikes me as not so crazy, but he does get the tiger face paint. His clothing is also going to be more normal. Almas is boring. He gets an earring for effort and almost a tuxedo for formal wear.

I fiddle with a bathrobe for pajamas before the more I work with it, the more I realize Almas would be ridiculous in his own way. BUNNY SLIPPERS FOR THE WIN.

Now for Traits. Like all vampires, Almas has a Good Sense of Humor (Trait I). He is also shown, time and again in AG, as being very Friendly (Trait II). Though not touched upon in AG (perhaps it will), Almas is a Light Sleeper (Trait III) since the last time he slept deeply, he almost died. Though also not extensively touched upon, Almas is very good with people (he used to be a bartender) and so is Charismatic (Trait IV). The last one is tricky, though. I don't want him to share too many traits with Nur so Hydrophobic is out of the question. He had a boyfriend, so he has no Commitment Issues. I choose Neat (Trait V) because he strikes me as very tidy.

Favourites are Sushi, Pop, and I think blue?

Now for pictures!

Rose May with her SO NOT RIGHT FACE AUGH. I just couldn't lose the look of the original Sim completely.

In the background bringing sexy back is...

Nur! Yes, she would totally wear something like that.

Almas with his mysterious hair.

Meander looking Asian, WHOOPS.

So yeah, this kind of failed, but it was fun and I did mainly for the Traits. Next will be Gareth and Andy when I get around to it.

Edit - Typos LOL



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