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First, health update: my knee is better. Today I may have accidentally undone a lot of the healing by trying to do too much at once, but once my laundry is dry in about thirty minutes I'll be forcing myself to flop my ass permanently at my computer or on the couch.

Second, for those of you considering publishing work or just having fail organizational skills, I highly recommend Scrivener. This neat little program allows you to keep all of your writing for projects in one place. It comes with a full trial for 30 NONCONSECUTIVE (!) days. It took me over a year to get through the trial and I couldn't imagine going back to using just WordPad, so I got it for the $40 license. Now when I write AG, I can have previous revision chapters right alongside what I'm working on, or the previous chapters, etc, without having four or five WordPad documents open. Overall a win-win.

And now, writing excerpt:

Really, all Rose May and Co. do is drink tea and contemplate shit )

Hopefully more writing today, but I've been addicted to Sims again so we'll see.

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I've been having "oh god, have I lost the desire to write, will I abandon all of my writings after losing faith in them?!" crazy pants thoughts, so I loaded up AG again.

This is crap writing but shouldn't have any triggers at least )

I really need to go through this again and add helpful things like introspection and complex sentences, but I thought I'd share what I was working on.

Also, just an odd side note that relates. I've tried very hard to have other languages be at an absolute minimum in my work. After all, this isn't Earth, so things like English, German, Arabic, etc. don't truly exist. However, you may have noticed that some singular words -- such as vampire terms, or Batuuli's poor Ubiquitous -- are sprinkled with Earth words, like simba (Swahili for "lion"). Some Arebian countries have silly German names like Baumland ("Tree Land"), and the translator's name is EXTREMELY German.

So, just this once, I decided to use my own German so I had something for Duff to be saying, rather than saying "Rose May heard a foreign language" over and over. But I really want my work to be easily translatable, which is why I keep stuff like this to a minimum. Once I feel more comfortable in this story again, I'll likely edit it out so I don't have full phrases in Earth languages.

And as you can see, Duff has a low tolerance for bullshit, haha.

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Im meine Traumland
Wir haben Friede Liebe
zwischen die Blumen

Necesitas mi?
Solo sonrisas tristes
Romper feliz paz

Meine Deutsch und mi español esta no bueno für diese Projekt.

However, while in the shower, I was thinking of starting something like this to challenge both my creativity, and my German and Spanish proficiency.

I actually thought German would be more difficult to fit into a haiku, but Spanish? EVERY WORD EVER in that language is 3+ syllables. Dammit, languages.

Translations (rough, keeping with haiku):

In my dreamland we
have all of the freedom love
between the flowers

You really need me?
Only the saddest smiles
Break my happy peace

Not very earth-shattering poems, but I suppose it's a start. Maybe eventually I won't need my Google Dictionary.

And: yes, this means you can approach me in German or Spanish, and I will do my best to communicate :) I took 5 years of Spanish in middle/high school, and one semester of college German after I studied in Dresden Germany for six months. My Spanish is a lot better than my German as a result.

Or... Yo asistí clases de español por cinco años en la escuela. Ich habe in Deutschland studiert für sechs Monat, und hatte ich eine Deutschkurs für eine Semester auf Universitaet.

They're such different sounding languages, in grammar AND pronunciation XD I changed the second part of that German sentence waaaay too much until I got a translation from Google that sounded all right. Especially since I somehow forgot DEUTSCHKURS IS A WORD come on me, you named a Spore creature that.

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I just got back from volunteering at the San Francisco Food Bank, something I am hoping to establish into a semi-regular routine. I've had this sort of community sense ever since I was a child, when I would donate some of my allowance each month to North Shore Animal League. I regretted throughout college that I did not have the time, energy, or sanity to go out and help those less fortunate than myself. Now that I have time again, I'm hoping to go to the food bank once a month, or once every other month, to help out people. I would volunteer at animal shelters too, but the ones around here require you to commit for 40 hours a month, and I don't have that kind of extra energy lying around.

The thing with volunteering for me is that it doesn't give me any sort of ego boost or anything of the sort. I just feel a sense of... I don't know. Like I did something right. Like I made up for being so privileged and fortunate. I guess you could call it karma, or maybe my inferiority complex but either way: good results all around.

But now for the part I imagine you all are REALLY reading for. A few weeks ago, I decided I was going to self-publish a book of short stories. SInce then I've been exhausted, stressed, and lazy, but I'm now trying to kickstart myself back into writing and planning. Thus, I've been brainstorming what I want the theme of this book to be, and as a result, what kinds of stories I will be writing.

That's where I want you guys to give me opinions. I've thought of a few things that I think would make a good introductory book to my work and world, but I'm not entirely sure on the logistics. Thus:

1) Which theme sounds coolest to you?

- Location-driven - a collection of short stories, each derived from a different area of Malanee, thus exploring different cultures and lives
- Species-driven - similar to location, but focused on Malanee's varied sentient species. Individual stories for faeries, Oerdum, vampires, humans, etc.
- Character-driven - a collection of short stories that would serve as a sort of sneak-peek introduction to major characters in my work. Stories for Nur, Rose May, Kader, Tegre, Bertram, Alden, etc.
- Something else? Let me know!

2) Which characters are you MOST interested in seeing more of?

- Kader, Tegre, Eilís
- Bertram/Bakari, Alden, Batuuli (formerly Bertula)
- Rose May, Meander, Nur
- Nur, Almas, Lynette, Lin
- Anca, Victoria
- Gareth, Andy, Jacob, Duff
- Mahli, Malachi, Tadhg
- Anyone else I forgot

3) Which species are you MOST interested in seeing more of?

- Faeries (Mountain faeries, dryads, succubi, pixies, sirens)
- Wereanimals
- Vampires
- Oerdum
- Demons (Swamp, Mountain)
- Humans
- Demis

4) Anything else you'd like to see or recommend?

So yes. Please let me know and hopefully, I will have some prose to share from the novels soon.

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First the excerpt. Then I'll explain the subject.

In which we learn about Mahli )

And now, the explanation! It's like behind-the-scenes, except Inception behind-the-scenes since this isn't published yet and... Yeah.

My issue ever since writing modern Mahli has been convincing the reader that, considering his attitude and power, that he still can't take over the world. THis is very difficult considering modern fantasy and just media in general. People who are super powerful compared to others invariably try to take over the world, pose a major safety hazard, whatever.

But the thing is, even with the ability to mind-control twelve people? That still leaves hundreds of thousands of people who could use that opportunity to go after Mahli. Twelve people also is assuming he is not using his telepathy to make up for his severe physical disabilities, which Mahli implies he does with the "manage eight" comment. Mahli's arrogance, stemmed from his special treatment and just growing up with mountain faeries, results in him tending to spy on people's thoughts freely, trying to get an advantage, impress people, etc. This uses up yet more of his power.

If Mahli wanted to get into a fight? He'd most likely pour a lot of energy into removing more of his physical disabilities than he does normally (he still uses a cane). This would be taxing enough that he'd be reduced to likely an average vampire in terms of telepathy, and human officials know how to deal with that kind of power. And as shown in this scene, any magic users would quickly sense shit going down and go in to subdue him.

So in conclusion: Mahli is extremely powerful, but still a human, and a significantly crippled human at that. He is also smart enough to know that even with his awesomeness, an attempt to truly skirt the law would end up with him severely injured or dead.

And so he deals with society and being regarded as a freak due to his physical deformities as best he can. For those who don't know:

Severe physical deformities )

So yes. That's him using telepathy so he can walk more easily, and he still needs the cane. Multiple times in the story he gets sick of it and just floats around, freaking people out XD But to reserve power and not exhaust himself mentally, he usually just sticks with the cane and walking.

I should stop babbling and go to bed but yes. Mahli is one of my favourites for whatever reason. He's just interesting.

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The planet of Malanee is a similar luck of the draw miracle to our planet -- it has two moons instead of one, and its distance from the sun isn't the same (namely because their sun is not the same size as ours, though I can't remember in which direction), but it has the perfect combination of traits to turn into a small living melting pot (Malanee is smaller than Earth).

Like earth, there was a time when the continents were all mushed together, and there were a few mass-extinctions before humanoids showed up. Unlike earth, homo sapiens didn't get to kill every other self-aware species, likely because the giant continent split pretty cleanly, with none of earth's weird land bridges.

The split likely resulted in Garanee and Sarasii becoming split from the rest of the land, perhaps due to an impressive earthquake. Welen, Arebe, and Eroqu split more slowly, resulting in humans on these three continents. Arebe had the smallest population -- its impressive mountain ranges hint that plate movement there may have been a BIT too crazy for humans to settle there much.

Faeries were another species that spread out far and wide. They took up Garanee, Sarasii, and Arebe, forming distinct species. The vampires, close relatives of the faeries, showed up a bit later, while the succubi and pixies are remnants of the ancient faerie ancestors.

Demons likely have been around for AGES. They exist on every major continent except Sarasii (shit's too cold there), and considering they can't really swim, this sort of migration must have happened very early on. The different species on different continents have diverged a decent amount since, but not so much that they can't interbreed or recognize each other.

The werevirus -- and its weird relative, the demi virus -- originated very early on in humanoid history, as evidenced by the existence of weredragons. Most of the non-mammalian wereviruses died off as the DNA became too unstable alongside humanoid DNA, with weredragons being endangered in the 1800s. Remnants of these ancient wereviruses exist in the demi virus -- bird demis remain of various types, and I'm sure somewhere there must be reptile or fish demis because that would be pretty damn nifty XD

Speaking of demi viruses, isolation of particular demis may result in the viral DNA being incorporated fully, resulting in a new species. Hippogriffs, gryphons, and merpeople (I've decided they should exist. Sirens also are in the works) are all examples. This sort of demi-species creation likely happened thousands of years ago.

And magic? Magic is oooooold -- bacteria are hardy buggers. Dragons definitely had magic, and they predated humans by a long-ass time (being extinct by the 1300s at the LATEST). It originated in what is now Eroqu, but bacteria being the little microorganisms they are, it spread and evolved rapidly, and likely is still doing so. The magic of the 1800s is likely starkly different than that of the 1700s, and will continue to morph and change.

Also, in terms of how Malanee may change over the next few hundred years? There's a good chance weredragons, succubi, and pixies will all go effectively extinct. Dryads will likely become endangered due to the slave trade. Bird demis will continue to be less and less common. Demons will start having pretty serious competition due to mining becoming more prevalent, which may cause a reduction in their population (before they figure out how to sabotage the mines at any rate :D ).

And everyone else? They'll keep going on. Vampires are too powerful for humans or mountain faeries. Humans and mountain faeries will likely start seriously competing for resources, which will end in massive tragedy for the humans.

And then in the 2000s, when biotechnology figures out how to bring wereviruses back to life, shit will REALLY get interesting.
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So I'm doing my best to keep new AG and old AG relatively in-line with each other. I know that's hard to believe.

Thus, when this new meeting with Tadhg came up, I looked up the one in the first draft to get some ideas, because I honestly wasn't sure where the conversation should go.

And in the first draft Tadhg is talking about wanting to give demis equal rights?!

Just... Bzuh? What? What?

Instead he's bitching about gay people. Again, what? Tadhg... I doubt he approves of homosexuals but he's not going to fucking bitch about them, so long as they're human and don't interfere with his plans. Or flirt with him, if they're male.

No, Tadhg hates demis. So what the hell was happening in that first draft?

It was silly. And made me have to think my way through this scene, which my brain really didn't want to do (I finally got an idea. It only took all night. Brain, what is your problem lately?)

So I'm writing and writing and then suddenly... I realized one of the things that has been bothering me about my prose. I think Shan's comments on my porn-fic (I almost kept this is as just "porn" and then went no, brain, no one else would realize I was just being really weirdly humorous) helped me realize that uh, I was sick of the dialogue because I wasn't recording Rose May's thoughts about the dialogue.

Herp a derp.

I mean I can't write as much as I did in the first draft without breaking up the flow -- and the fast dialogue flow is very important for some of these conversations, where the characters are not slowing down to think, or stutter, or wonder. But that doesn't mean I can't put in a little blip about Rose May's opinions.

Again, herp a derp.

Also I think the anxiety has latched onto writing. When I try to do it, I get anxious and think I suck. When I don't do it, I get anxious and think I suck. When I'm doing it (this is starting to sound hilarious to my immature, 1AM brain), I get anxious because I feel like I don't like it as much as I did.

Really not pleased with this. Perhaps it's a good thing that I've set writing as a Health Month goal next month. Hopefully it'll be more successful than the reading goal this month was (I kept it for next month. I will not fail!)

But yeah. Just random musings.

Oh and someone posted on my Twitter that I was "talkative tonight" and of course my first thought was "THIS IS WRONG AND NOT ME I MUST STOP TALKING". Ever get the feeling like people can't say anything to you without you twisting it into disapproval? Or is that just me.

It's probably me.

On to writing/LoL/sleep maybe.



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