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TW for hints at suicidal thoughts, PTSD )

Just a little Andy story. I was trying to think of who to use for the prompt "wounds" ([community profile] origfic_bingo), and sadly it took me a while to remember Andy instead of Tegre or Gareth.

Will fit it out a bit more. I just have focused on two works in October and wanted to get a third in as something to share.

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First part of the story, minus a few paragraphs: Here.

Now for an excerpt from the second part:

TW for violence, death, war )

Apologies for any typos or general crappiness. Writing this while waiting for Toyota to stop holding my car hostage. They said 1PM and apparently they plan to hold to that estimate.

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Turns out Lin is actually "Fin". I so smart. I was reading the story starring her to make her for the Sims, and I remembered how much I liked her, so here you go.

[community profile] origfic_bingo, "traveling"

TW for war, violence, PTSD )

So yeah. This will probably be a longer one if I ever manage to finish it.

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Writer's block is back, the cheeky shit, so I didn't get nearly as much done as I have the weekends before.

Even so, here's what I worked on. It's a continuation of the Athanaric story; I'll be editing that post since it's linked from [community profile] dailyprompt.

Been ages since I wroke Haakon )

I like how Athanaric is totally chill about a naked dragon-woman next to him. I can only imagine she struts around totally nude very frequently, which makes sense since she tends to change forms often.

And while I didn't get much writing done, I DID make butterscotch brownies, so that's good enough, I guess.


Edit - I've decided that "wroke" clearly means it's been a while since I woke a character up by writing her. Haakon is pissed she missed her nap, dammit.
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Total words: 12344.

To celebrate, have a paragraph: "The woman stared at the list a moment more, then put a small basket around her neck. Then, she suddenly morphed; her face elongated into a snout, whiskers sprouting from it, while triangular ears rose from her head. She felt gracefully onto all fours as her legs and arms bent, hands and feet shrinking. Soon, a large black cat nearing the size of a large dog stood where the woman had, escaping from the remains of her clothing before leaping up into the rafters of the stall."

In between writing I've been cleaning the house. It seems that I fell into a minor depression that caused me to not even realize how bad the house needed a cleaning until I was hating on myself for letting it get dirty. So the toilet and shower/tub have been cleaned, the kitchen sink was cleaned yesterday but could use another go, the stove top is cleaned with burners in progress, I tidied up the floor INCLUDING putting my laundry away, and right now am waiting for the kitchen floor to dry after mopping it.

Then I'm going to make cookies and ice cream to bring to work tomorrow.

That's about it here.

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Bad brain spell, tonight. So I inked the drawing for my friend, loaded up Sims, and typed this up on my iPad:

TW for disturbing imagery, war imagery, and uh, loss of limb? )

The _____ is for the name of the doctor, which I have forgotten and will look up later. Obviously, this scene is not finished yet since there isn't much comfort in there, but I imagine it will be pretty short.

Now to sleep.

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Title: The Doctor's Note [pending, I swore I had something better...]
Genre: Fantasy
The Troops: Kader, Tegre
Status: Complete and mostly looked over
Rating: PG-13, because oh god some of the imagery. Also it's Kader talking, we know there are F-bombs.
Summary: When your world explodes, can you find your purpose? AKA "Another Invasion Story"
Prompt: "stand up and be counted"
Author's Notes: I lost track of where I was going with this. Whoops? Also cross-posted here: Click!


This stupid invasion, man, it sucks )
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Title: Pending
Genre: Fantasy
The Troops: Gareth, Andy
Status: Complete but very rough, likely typos everywhere
Rating: PG-13, just in case
Summary: In running from yourself, you may just run into others.
Prompt: "Run"


This was supposed to be depressing )


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