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Title: Night of the Moon
Genre: Fantasy
The Troops: Nur & Co.
Status: Complete, spellchecked, briefly reviewed
Rating: PG-13 due to some minor violence and possibly unsettling topics. Also booze, basically.
Summary: It is the longest night of the year, and the vampires have a way to celebrate...
Prompt: [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo Caressing/Petting/Stroking, Party, Bruise, Person & loved one(s) injured/sick simultaneously, Cuddlepile
Author's Notes: This gave me a great opportunity to develop vampire culture, figure out what their lives without humans are like, and also develop Nur's backstory to the point that I feel awful for what I do to her later. Enjoy!

This story is >5K words long. No TW that I can think of, but some mentions of violence, pregnancy, and birth defects )
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So last night I went to a work party at a nightclub in SF.

Partying has always been something I've avoided because crowds, loud noises, lots of people, and booze are not on my "I love this" list. But I've been lonely, and need to get out of the house, and figured I'd go. It was a 70's costume party, so I bought some bright accessories at Target and went. I got a few compliments on the outfit, but people who went actually 70's or just extravagent took the stage, and that's fine by me.

At first it wasn't so bad. I was able to chat with a few people one-on-one, or in a group, but once people split out into groups, I didn't really know what to do. Eventually I was just sitting people watching, as is my preference, but multiple times got dragged onto the dance floor by well-meaning people. I'm not much of a dancer, but did my best. Time seemed to be going slowly, though, and by 10PM I wished I had driven so I could go home early. The party ended up going on for two more hours, and by that point I was very much tired, drained, and ready to go home.

Overall ,it definitely wasn't a bad experience -- better to try after all. But crowded, loud, alcohol joints definitely aren't my thing. I much prefer the more interactive insanity of a LARP or D&D game, or a game of bowling, or just a dinner party.

So yeah. In other news, some more prose.

Drunk vampires and a cuddleball )

My muse has run out of steam again on this, though, so I need to think on it more because I will finally get to finish it up.

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So Nur's Off All Like... )


But then THIS happens )


So then Lutfi is like... )


And the coven is like... )


So yeah. Fun times.

Sorry the prose is a mess, very rough.

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On Arebe... )

On Malanee... )

Little blurbs that came to me. Tegre encouraging Kader to go back to doctoring, and then the rewrite of Rose May and Meander's house being burned down. This time, everyone lives (except maybe Tadhg. He may be sort of screwed if someone doesn't pull Nur off). As for why Meander didn't just have Nur teleport them all out -- that would have been pretty tiring for Nur, and he had a feeling the arsonist could be found by someone dedicated enough to search (Almas, I imagine, is out somewhere, otherwise he'd be helping). Meander, being very focused on getting his wife and kids out of the house, didn't want to divert his attention to it, and unfortunately cannot teleport (if he'd been properly trained in time, he'd be actually be better at it than Nur).

Also: that vampire insult came to me and I just HAD to put it somewhere.

And I'm pretty sure Rose May eventually just breaks down into sobbing because my god, if I saw my house burning, I'd do the same thing.

Sleep time.

Edit - I just realized that Rose May and Meander's twins have the most traumatizing babyhood ever. First their house is burned down, then their city is BOMBED. Those kids are going to have such bad PTSD and barely remember WHY.

Edit Again - I just realized without context this may make Rose May seem like a Helpless Woman (TM). For those unfamiliar with my work: Rose May has asthma during the 1800s. Meander was helping her out and getting her out first because he knew she would collapse and die really fas. He was seriously planning to go with her to get their kids, but when he saw the roof was already going, he decided to get her out and just get some severe burns for the sake of all of them surviving.

The NEXT time their house is on fire (... Yes, it happens again. See "traumatizing babyhood for twins"), Rose May gets to the kids faster than Meander. Basically: Meander and Rose May are both BAMFs who will never, ever sleep the night again. >.>

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The vampires keep giving me images of them being grinning and mischevious-looking in my head -- and yet I cannot draw well enough to get them out and share them with the world.


I would say more, but I'm kind of in a distracted mood tonight, and trying desperately to write and failing, so I may just load a video game for a bit to try and get my brain to settle down from its "O_O LOOK THE INTERNET" mood.

Here have random prose.

What if Oerdum had diplomats? )


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