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In which Mahli saves a town, and finds the other sentient inhabitant of the private zoo.

Trigger warning for unwanted mind control, description of dead bodies, general trauma )

Not sure my feelings about the demon's current reactions. Or the prose. Or anything.
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Sunday, I got into a car accident. The car I loved, that I got as a graduation gift from my car after I totaled my LAST car, the Prius, my dream car? It is totaled. It is gone, I cleaned it out today. I have random bursts between wanting to cry, feeling mostly normal, and then wanting to Trigger warning: suicide ) Basically, I really loved that car.

So tonight, instead of doing work? I wrote something horrifying. Like, I horrified myself.

Trigger warning for brutal violence/mauling/death )

En... Enjoy I guess? I actually lately find violence to be really unsettling, so I think I triggered MYSELF. Fail.

Think I'm going to go sleep, now. I have nothing to do tomorrow, and I think I need the rest.

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Title: Pending
Genre: Fantasy
The Troops: Gareth, Andy
Status: Complete but very rough, likely typos everywhere
Rating: PG-13, just in case
Summary: In running from yourself, you may just run into others.
Prompt: "Run"


This was supposed to be depressing )
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Title: Abandoned Gardens
Genre: Fantasy
The Troops: The Gang
Status: In the making
Rating: PG-13, just in case
Summary: These are snippets from the novel, individual scenes sorted into individual cuts. They are what I consider exemplary of the novel and its style.


Chapter One: Nur's Debut )


Duff Mother Hens, and Awkward Hilarity )


Farmlife )


In Which BAR BRAWL!! )

Yep. I write a strange novel.


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