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Hello and welcome back to my Sims 3 Legacy! Last time, uh, well mostly a ton of pets died and there were weird glitches. Not too exciting, really. And Charles grew up, bringing us into Gen 5.

So let's hop right in, eh?

Tons of pictures, with some pixelated nudity. Disturbing pixelated nudity. )
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Welcome back, friends, to my Sims 3 Legacy! Last time, Edith gave birth to her second child, Gabriel, while Charles provided serious comedy relief and cemented his role as our heir. We return to their beautiful home...

Tons of Pictures, Yo! )

And that's that. Next time: will I get the Uni students to go home? How many more cats will die? Will Charles finally get started on those four kids? And will I finally admit to my ghost addiction?

Chance of finding an answer: 33%! But it's 0% if you don't tune in next time.

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Welcome back! Last time we were here, Edith had given birth to her first of two children, Charles. Edith is the fourth generation heir with the rolls of Single, 2 Children, Journalism, Property Mogul, Half-Siblings. So let's jump right in.

Tons of photos, naturally )

And now Gen 5 has been born and we're actually in the current house! Incredible! Stay tuned next time to watch Gen 5 take Twinbrook by storm.
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Welcome back to my Sims 3 Legacy! We're way behind now; gen 5 is going strong in the game. So let's get moving. Last time Edith got home from college with an almost-degree to take the reigns of the legacy as the gen 4 heir.

Loads of pictures, with some pixelated nudity *facepalm* )

And now we're almost maybe caught up, since Charles at least is BORN now. Stay tuned next time to watch him grow up in the madness of my games.

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Welcome back to the fourth installment of my Sims 3 Legacy! The family itself is still roughly where it was before, because I'm trying not to play too much so I'm far behind, but it's hopeless at this point. last time, Edith was preparing to go to college after wasting her time learning no skills whatsoever. So how did she do?

Lots of pictures under the cut, as always )

And that's the university side trip! Next time, Gen 4 will come into full-force, complete with bugs, pets, and a stupid amount of ghosts. See you then :)

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Welcome back to the third installment of my Sims 3 Legacy! We're quite behind at this point -- when we last left off, 4th gen heir Edith had just become a teen. In the actual game, she's now an elder and the 5th gen has started. So let's dive in, shall we?

Tons of pictures below the cut )

And now we're onto Generation 4, and thus only one generation behind instead of 1.5 or whatever. I'll try to get the next chapters up a bit more quickly, so stay tuned.

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Welcome to the third installment in my Sims 3 Legacy! You can find the other two by searching the "sims" or "legacy" tags.

The last time we were here, my family had just gotten back from Egypt, which was a pile of laughs. It's been a WHILE since then, so I don't have much more a preamble. Let's just get to it!

Lots of pictures under the cut )

And on that very long note, until next time! Gen 4 has already started, while I'm slowly figuring out the mods, so tune in next time for more positional errors and snark.

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Welcome to the first real episode of my Sims 3 Legacy. I'm afraid I don't have a fancy name for it because I can't name my own stories (As evidenced by "Abandoned Gardens"), but hopefully you'll enjoy it.

Lots of pictures! )

And that's the end of this "episode". Stay tuned next time for Cow Plants and moving neighborhoods!

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So I don't know if you guys know, but there's this Legacy challenge with the Sims 3, where you basically have to go through 10 generations of a family without cheats etc. There's also a version where you roll for what the generation has to do, etc. I'm playing that version with some modifications (I use resetSim a lot thanks to my Sims getting stuck being idiots), and allow myself 1-2 rerolls since some options just bore me.

Some people create blogs about their legacy's, and Selena linked me to this one, and it is absolutely hysterical. So I was inspired to try my hand at it.

My legacy's already started though, and so for now...

Previously, in the Sims 3... )

And that's where we stand right now! Gen 3 will be ready to roll soon, so hopefully I can track them more carefully. And hopefully the stray dogs will STOP SHOWING UP. Or at least let me adopt them.

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Making Nur, Lin, and Lynette in the Sims today, and as I'm giving Nur her traits I'm like "Hmmm, do I want to give her Commitment Issues? Wait, she has Flirty, Party Animal, Daredevil... Dammit I'm making her into a stereotypical frat boy."

Probably will replace Party Animal with something else, as she already has "Night Owl" for that.
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I made Andy and Gareth in it because come on WHO ELSE would I make when I have a game that now allows werewolves.

Utter silly behind the cut )

Seriously. This expansion pack is HILARIOUS. I kept snickering at some of the silly things happening. It means I'm getting no writing done but considering my anxiety lately I'm not sure I would anyway.

Maybe a more legit post later. Sorry guys. Just had to share these images.

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So having made Rose May's household, it's time for Gareth and Andy. Gareth has pretty much been all set and ready to go, though making his Sim was tricky. I think I mostly got what I want, but there are a few issues. For one thing, he looks too young and attractive. Gareth has aged prematurely, to the point of greying hair (which I mostly got; his hair does look a bit old), and an old face. Sadly, I could not get a very old face on a Young Adult Sim, but I tried. I left a stubble because Gareth's hygiene is nicht sehr gut.

Then come traits. Gareth is a Workaholic (Trait I) like Rose May, but unlike Rose May he has Commitment Issues (Trait II), which are painfully clear in his on/off relationship with Andy. Though he may seem like one, Andy is actually not a perfectionist, but he is very Ambitious (Trait III), and can actually be quite Inappropriate (Trait IV), especially in court room. The last trait, like with Rose May, is tricky. I imagine Gareth as an insomniac but probably not a light sleeper, so I think I'll go with the random: Never Nude. I imagine Gareth as having issues showing extensive skin.

Favourites are tricky. Gareth isn't a big eater and so he'd probably prefer something light, like PB&J. Music and colour are random: electronic and green.

Andy is fun. As a brown werewolf, he has rich chocolate skin (too rich for Sims III to manage), beautiful chocolate hair (it can manage that), and brilliant yellow eyes (and that too!). I make his eyes look very foreign. In the end he ends up sexy. Works for me; I imagine Andy being a rather gorgeous were both in human and wolf form. He ends up shirtless Jacob-style for swimming, athletic, and sleeping, since he'd probably be in wolf form for those, most of the time.

Now for Traits. First and foremost, Andy is Neurotic (Trait I); forced castration does that to you. He's also really damn Unlucky (Trait II), and being a werewolf, he Loves the Outdoors (Trait III). From here there are a number of traits I could add. I could pay a tribute to his "wolves mate for life" belief with "Hopeless Romantic". I could continue the "his life really sucks" with the "Loser" trait. Or I could make him Athletic since he's, well, a werewolf. Decisions, decisions.

I give him Grumpy (Trait IV), as his friends are shocked when he is happy in the novels. Hilariously, the Sim growls. xD So far, Gareth has picked such a LOVELY mate. And he did: through all this shit, Andy still goes into human society, pulls through, and overall shows that he is one hell of a Brave (Trait V) individual. Go Andy.

Favourites are fun. Andy is a wolf; he wants MEAT. Steak it is! Music I just make Custom -- weres aren't big on music -- and for colour I pick brown because I'm boring. For wish I put "Perfect Mind, Perfect Body" because that sounds pretty Andy to me. Voice is the growliest thing I can find in the Sims. Oh, and Gareth's life-time wish was top of politics, of course.

Yay all done! I merge 'em with the other family because dammit, I want to play them D:

So without further adoe, here are the two newcomers:

Gareth who doesn't look like Gareth. In the background...

Is Andy who sort of looks like Andy. Face needs some work, though.

Just a bit of haha. Their relationship is REALLY high, higher than Meander and Rose May's even though they are engaged and these two aren't. Which is pretty much the exact OPPOSITe of the novels but oh well.

Off to play now.

Edit - In a LOL moment, Almas the vampire set the stove on fire while trying to cook Mac & Cheese, Andy coolly extinguished the flames, and Nur got all excited because HOLY SHIT FIRE. I had Almas order a pizza while Andy complained about Almas. Nur yawned in his face. Oh Sims.

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So I am making my characters in the Sims III.

And oh man.

It shouldn't be this DIFFICULT.

First off, Sims III is like "Uh-duh, I'm not gonna let Rose May be overweight and have a narrow face, uh-dur." Even though that's just how her body WORKS. She naturally has a relatively narrow face and narrow nose, while she is a little plump. But Sims III apparently does not agree with this.

Also, I kept her watch on for all outfits, even sleeping or swimming, for hahas. She's such a workaholic she must know the time AT EVERY MOMENT.

And her traits are fairly straightforward. We can tell relatively quickly that Rose May is hard-working. It becomes clear that she is actually a self-professed Workaholic (Trait I), and a perfectionist (Trait II) at that. But what else? Well, her disapproval of Gareth's actions shows she is, in fact, a Good (Trait III) person. Her actions during the invasion of Antelon indicate she loves her family and puts them high on her list of priorities, making her Family-Oriented (Trait IV).

But that last trait?

Well, it's not like I don't know my character. But she is not friendly enough to have that trait, for she can stand off a bit. She fits little of the Body traits. She is ambitious, but not enough to make it a trait. She is an average flirt, has no real commitment issues, and is neutral to the subject of art. Technology didn't exist very much back then but she isn't bothered by what is there.

Caffeine-Addicted, sadly, is not a trait I can choose. So that narrows it down to two: Heavy Sleeper, and Hydrophobic. Her heavy sleeping tendencies are implied in AG (or will be). As for Hydrophobic, I simply cannot imagine Rose May willingly going out to a pool and jumping in. She'd rather read, or go out shopping, or chat over some tea.

I think I will stick with Heavy Sleeper since it is novel-related.

And as usual, the Sims pops out my character: one lifetime wish is "Big Family". It doesn't come up often in the novel, but Rose May is BIG on family and friends; her mother dying at a young age probably influenced that. While I can't see her wanting five children like Sims wish, she does care deeply for her daughters and husband, and extended friends, and harming them would be like having killed her mother.

Favourites isn't too difficult. Rose May strikes me as a classical fan, and her fondness of sandwiches makes me choose "Cheesesteak" for a meal. But colour? I picked Orange, though I have dressed Rose May in mostly browns and pastels. Just because I can.

For voice I choose a pitch a little on the low end, but still feminine.

Next... Nur. Last name is a first issue because vampires don't HAVE last names, so picked something random. The next issue is that fact that she's human, but I can't stop that. So at the end, after giving her afro-textured mini braids (vampires have uber-thick hair and styles like tight, mini braids and other "afro" styles are extremely common), baby-blue eyes, and such, I gave her tiger costume make-up. Just to symbolize the non-humanness. I also give her tattoos, as I can see vampires being big on tattoos. From there I made most of her clothing revealing and pink, because Nur, when not stuck in sunlight, shows it all off. Soon the game automatically started giving me exposing, pink clothes. That's the spirit, Sims III!

Now for traits. Flirty (Trait I) is a big one for Nur, who flirts with anything that moves. Next is a vampire trait, Good Sense of Humor (Trait II). Nur is also protrayed as being very wild, willingly going out in day regularly, which for vampires is a Daredevil (Trait III). Nur also seems to get excited by Rose May's common charades, making her Excitable (Trait IV). At this point I notice Nur's traits follow the alphabet (DEFG), and decide I must complete this. I choose Hydrophobic (Trait V). Big bodies of water, for vampires, are associated with swamps and thus with Oerdum, a species they have a shaky truce with and choose to avoid.

The Lifetime wishes my game give me aren't very Nur-ish; but then, what is Nur's goal in life? As a vampire, she doesn't really have one beyond have fun. So I go for the one that involves Charisma, as vampires love to make friends. This also means she'll need to be a good guitar player, but I can see that in Nur.

Favourites? As a blood drinker, favourite food is... Tricky. I pick Sushi since it's raw, though vampires are not fish fans (fish = Oerdum prey = OERDUM AAAAH). The game has already picked Pink for her favourite colour; I'm telling you, this game reads my mind. And music? I think of Nur as a metal fan, but we'll choose Indie. Because this is NUR.

Next is Meander. I give him a splash of grey in his hair to differentiate from Nur's. The guy I'm given is a cute kid in glasses; not quite, Sims. We'll see if it figures it out. Meander is rather thin, with some muscle, and a naturally-bony and angular face. That's what a life of malnutrition does to you. Clothing is trickier, though; Meander doesn't strike me as terribly former or certain of what to wear, even in his later years. I throw random stuff together.

Next are traits. Meander is mostly defined by his bipolar, but he also has a Good Sense of Humor (Trait I). To show his bipolar, I choose Over-Emotional (Trait II), which makes a Sim's mood swings more severe. He is very focused on learning how to read, which makes me think that once he learns, he's probably a bit of a Bookworm (Trait III). He is also extremely shy, even once he understands society a bit more, making him somewhat of a Loner (Trait IV). The last trait is tricky. Meander strikes me as not being a big flirt, but he'se also extremely intelligent, though perhaps not genius-level. He's very polite, but that doesn't translate into friendly. So I think I'll just stick with Unflirty (Trait V).

The Lifetime wishes I'm given revolve around writing. This is odd, since in the novel Meander actually makes intricate jewerly for a job. However, considering his interest in news, I don't see "Star News Anchor" as being too odd except concerning how shy he is. However, novel!Meander has powerful telepathy, so he could probably avoid talking too much. Star News Anchor it is!

Favourites are next. Meander likes any food he can find due to being starved when young. And dammit, I totally forgot he's a natural chef! We'll replace Unflirty with Natural Chef. Sadly, this means we lose "Star News Anchor", so we'll pick the "Five Star Chef" trait.

For favourite food, I choose "Stu Surprise", as it strikes me as a cheap, warm comfort food. Music is Classical and Colour is "Sea Foam"; random choices, basically. Voice is tricky; Meander speaks with a thick accent even later on, so I pick a deeper voice, and find one that sounds accented.

Last but certainly not least is Almas. I would do Gareth and Andy too, but they are not in fact part of the household in Malanee. They will be their separate family.

Almas is paler than pale and also muscular, which gives him hilarious broad shoulders. I also give him cornrows because FUCK YES CORNROWS, then realize Almas really wouldn't wear that hairstyle. Boooo, Almas. But then I find this weird "I'm trying to shape my hair like a stereotypical Native American headdress" thing and it is PERFECT and I'm happy again.

Almas ends up as the sexiest Sim alive. I don't know either. I don't give him tattoos because he strikes me as not so crazy, but he does get the tiger face paint. His clothing is also going to be more normal. Almas is boring. He gets an earring for effort and almost a tuxedo for formal wear.

I fiddle with a bathrobe for pajamas before the more I work with it, the more I realize Almas would be ridiculous in his own way. BUNNY SLIPPERS FOR THE WIN.

Now for Traits. Like all vampires, Almas has a Good Sense of Humor (Trait I). He is also shown, time and again in AG, as being very Friendly (Trait II). Though not touched upon in AG (perhaps it will), Almas is a Light Sleeper (Trait III) since the last time he slept deeply, he almost died. Though also not extensively touched upon, Almas is very good with people (he used to be a bartender) and so is Charismatic (Trait IV). The last one is tricky, though. I don't want him to share too many traits with Nur so Hydrophobic is out of the question. He had a boyfriend, so he has no Commitment Issues. I choose Neat (Trait V) because he strikes me as very tidy.

Favourites are Sushi, Pop, and I think blue?

Now for pictures!

Rose May with her SO NOT RIGHT FACE AUGH. I just couldn't lose the look of the original Sim completely.

In the background bringing sexy back is...

Nur! Yes, she would totally wear something like that.

Almas with his mysterious hair.

Meander looking Asian, WHOOPS.

So yeah, this kind of failed, but it was fun and I did mainly for the Traits. Next will be Gareth and Andy when I get around to it.

Edit - Typos LOL



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