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TW for anxiety )

Seriously, anxiety!squirrel, go find a tree or something.
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Im meine Traumland
Wir haben Friede Liebe
zwischen die Blumen

Necesitas mi?
Solo sonrisas tristes
Romper feliz paz

Meine Deutsch und mi español esta no bueno für diese Projekt.

However, while in the shower, I was thinking of starting something like this to challenge both my creativity, and my German and Spanish proficiency.

I actually thought German would be more difficult to fit into a haiku, but Spanish? EVERY WORD EVER in that language is 3+ syllables. Dammit, languages.

Translations (rough, keeping with haiku):

In my dreamland we
have all of the freedom love
between the flowers

You really need me?
Only the saddest smiles
Break my happy peace

Not very earth-shattering poems, but I suppose it's a start. Maybe eventually I won't need my Google Dictionary.

And: yes, this means you can approach me in German or Spanish, and I will do my best to communicate :) I took 5 years of Spanish in middle/high school, and one semester of college German after I studied in Dresden Germany for six months. My Spanish is a lot better than my German as a result.

Or... Yo asistí clases de español por cinco años en la escuela. Ich habe in Deutschland studiert für sechs Monat, und hatte ich eine Deutschkurs für eine Semester auf Universitaet.

They're such different sounding languages, in grammar AND pronunciation XD I changed the second part of that German sentence waaaay too much until I got a translation from Google that sounded all right. Especially since I somehow forgot DEUTSCHKURS IS A WORD come on me, you named a Spore creature that.



Mar. 24th, 2013 02:13 pm
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Poem about how white people suck? )

White-washing history sucks, guys. For some of the many examples:

Rosalind Franklin, whose work with DNA was pretty much stolen by Watson and Crick.
The Atomic Bombings, which were unnecessary on about a million levels, despite what American history books may tell you.
And let's not forget the huge whitewashing of indigenous culture all over the world.

Why I was thinking of this while preparing ramen, I have no idea. I've had a lot of guilt about the society I live in, lately.

Maybe some real writing later.

Fast Lane

Oct. 26th, 2012 10:50 am
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There is no
fast lane -
neither left nor right,
up nor down.
It is every man
for only himself.
Weaving through
to find those holes,
wondering why everyone
is so slow, in the way -
while they wonder
why you are in
such a hurry
to fly.

This is a poem about CA traffic. Maybe.
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I hope to return
to the land where the deer
outnumber the people;
to the land where the trees
outnumber the deer;
and the humans
are a speck of voices
among the silence.

For while I admire
these background mountains
and the warm taste of empanadas
rich in culture and words;
I miss the nights
when I could look up
at the night sky
and see
the stars.

(I miss you, upperstate NY and your natural beauty. Though sorry, the bay area has you BEAT when it comes to tasty AND inexpensive food)


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