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Taking a much-needed week-long vacation and I can feel my muse stirring after what feels like years of writer's block. I think playing the Wekesa family in The Sims 3 helped. And thus I bring you: Bakari and Batuuli having a cameo in Abandoned Gardens:

1800s photography and my attempts at traditional Swahili clothing, oh my! )

If anyone out there actually knows about East African traditional clothing and can let me know if what I gave Batuuli and Bakari makes sense, that would be great. Unfortunately yet unsurprisingly, the internet did not yield a lot of information, what with its European-centric views and all.

And as a fun bonus, one of Alden and Bakari's adopted children married a man who then used Joy for a magician trick:

She made exactly the face I'd expect. Also grr, my spreadsheet says Bakari has brown-red hair but in the Sims he still has the blonde-red hair he started with! Which one is it, me?!

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Even though she's a sociopath. She's just a very interesting character, put into a position that she never wanted, and isn't sane enough to deal with in the first place. I need to make her in the Sims just to show what Traits she legit has -- Insane and Neurotic are just two of them, to start.

Timeline fails: Joy wouldn't be the instigator of the Frenton Rebellion unless she was a precocious ten-year-old. But my characters keep saying it was the Empire and Empress so meh. Maybe her father died early and she had psycho advisors.

Prose for [community profile] darkfantasybingo, prompt "blood".

TW for violence )

SLeep time now. I feel much better after yoga with a progressive muscle relaxation and peaceful scene while finishing with a lotus pose, along with the ativan. So perhaps I can go to sleep restful, and maybe connect with coworkers a bit better.

Probably not, but I can hope.



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