May. 20th, 2015 08:06 pm
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TW for mention of depression, suicidation )

Just lots on my mind. Sorting through the scrapbook, so to speak. Don't worry, though: I'm fine.

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I usually don't post this kind of stuff, for various reasons.

TW: depression, minor suicidiality )

In short: I could use some kind thoughts and words right now, because my brain is ebbing out the feeling of alone. It's a charmer.

In happier news: finished NaNoWriMo, workplace is letting most of the employees have an extended holiday vacation, and though the work holiday party was mostly sad for me quite a few people were happy I was there and gave me hugs and talked to me.

Hopefully I can post some writing excerpts later when I feel more up to it.

Sorry for the blah boring post.

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I think that I've been a bit secluded on here, which I've been a bit (okay, a lot) in real life as well. So forcing myself to post an update.

First off: the health news I got last month was confirmation that I have an autoimmune disorder, Sjögren's Syndrome. The shit clinic I went to in college found this originally, did not tell me, and then put it on my health record. This was a nasty surprise when I got rejected for insurance, before Obamacare stopped that especially shitty insurance practice. I kind of ignored it because I didn't show the classic symptoms, but in early October I had a very nasty week where my joints hurt horribly, I was exhausted, and furthermore I couldn't really THINK.

I went to the doctor since my knee at that point had been hurting for a full week, and she offered to check for rheumatoid. I mentioned the diagnosis from two years ago, and sure enough: it's there, chilling out, because my body things chronic illnesses are Pokemon.

So far it hasn't done much -- Sjogren's isn't usually diagnosed until people are in their 40s, so I have many years before me to try and kick it in the shins and keep it from getting too severe. Right now my joints hurt horribly, but I think it's my hormones punishing me for not getting pregnant. How dare I, truly.

On the writing front, I am participating in NaNoWriMo, despite this month being crazy for me work-wise. Tonight for instance no writing will be happening despite me being behind a day, because I am simply too exhausted. I am rewriting the second part of Abandoned Gardens, and right now at about 17K (so about 3K behind).

On the life front, one of the top reasons I'm exhausted is not work, but my brain being apeshit. Please enjoy this acid-trip-without-the-acid dream, created by my lovely brain instead of letting me sleep restfully last night, as posted on my FB:

"Okay, really brain? I dream that my family adopted a Basset Hound named Anna, except Anna was apparently some freakish Basset/hawk hybrid considering she suddenly flew off, grabbed a freakin' VULTURE, and began dropping it from a high height to kill it? You realize that seagulls do that to shit like crabs to crack them open, and I don't think it works on things that can, you know, FLY. Also why did the vulture turn into a peacock? And why the FUCK did I then dream that some evil asshat was trying to kill people/take over the world and locked me outside my own house in like, 20 degree weather?

I want a new brain."

Truly. The vulture part was truly gruesome; I will spare you all the details because no one should have to know, and I'd rather just forget about it all. Though [personal profile] raze, I will love you forever if you draw the bonkers bassethawk.

That, in a rambling not-nutshell, is how things are going here. I am actually going to tuck into bed early because right now it hurts to sit, and I know that by tomorrow most of this stupid "How dare you not get pregnant, you must be punished" shit will be gone and I can be a human again.

Hope you've all been well.

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Found out some rather bittersweet health news recently. I'm still not quite at the point where I want to talk about it in detail publicly. It is one of those things that can have a huge impact on your life, and one that means I will need to be very minful of my health and situation and all that jazz. For the rest of my life. And let's face it: self-care is not my thing.

Doctor recommended pretty simple things so far: Vitamin D supplements, flaxseed oil for omega 3, and a multivitamin. Coconut oil and Vitamin E as needed.

I don't know if you guys have heard of Health Month, but I've used it in the past to try and get small improvements going in my health. I'm booting it back up to help me keep tabs on what I'm supposed to do. So far, the fresh memory of the diagnosis and what it could mean if I DON'T treat it are keeping me going, but eventually this will just be another item on the "my health is fucked up" list, so I want to make sure it becomes a habit that sticks.

I recommend it for anyone who has trouble picking up these things and needs a little push to get there.

Sorry, I know this is likely very vague and confusing. The diagnosis came on Monday, so this is still fresh and new. It's the "getting to know you" phase of chronic illness, and I need more time to settle in with it. Don't have the energy to explain it to others at the same time.

Hopefully will have some writing or Sim stories or something this weekend.

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Who comforts the comforter?

It is a question asked by egoists, mostly. Or it is subtly sneered at in silly sayings and words: "Every girl you see is SMILING beyond the PAIN". Every kind gesture is laced with tragedy. The world is cast into doubt and despair: "How do I know she is happy to see me? Is she CRYING INSIDE?"

I do not know who comforts the comforters. It seems to me that a lot of them surely can turn to other comforters, to themselves, for solace. No one is standing atop a mountain, staff in hand, the sole comforter in the world, the Zeus of sympathetic ears. If they are, then that speaks to bigger problems, ones that a strange saying cannot fix.

Who do I seek for comfort? I am a gossip well. I fill up with things I hear, see, suspect, but almost never do I let such things out. Or so it used to be. Wells fill up eventually. Wells need to be emptied. Some things I fear I have pushed along.

Maybe it's not a bad thing, but it's a weird thing, a stressful thing. I have, unexpectedly, become the one who speaks up, stands up to be heard. I am the one being thanked by the CEO of the company for helping with something, for all of my department to see. I am the one who laughs at hearing someone hates them, regard their obvious gossiping when I approach as entertaining. The silence as I pass by, returning when I am away, has become funny -- "How obvious can you be?"

But what is funny for me is a mess for others. I talk to others in my department, and they talk to me, and the well fills with bracken waters. Ash stains my fingers, and though so much of me says "Don't say anything, wait for THEM", my morality sifts out the soot and says "There is no waiting".

Everyone is scary to me, so there is no need for added anxiety. I approach and enter an office with fear and anxiety bubbling from my heart and mouth, but when I decide to do something, I do it. There is no waiting, no comfort for the comforter. I look down at my health and career, and say "We are emptying this well, no matter the dirt left behind."

When did I become the mother of mothers? The nail that stands up, as they say? How has it become me to approach a manager and speak of bullying and racism, of people being afraid they were be fired if they speak up? How am I the one who gets the response of HR being looped in, words that are a strange blend of hope and fear? I am but a bystander, ignored but not degraded. In that office my voice speaks for others, when I cannot speak for myself. I return to those I guard wishing I could bring back better hope.

Who comforts the comforter? Friends, family, pets? Perhaps if I sought out any of them, they would try. But this comforter blankets her bed quiltless. There may be holes where the down is escaping, but in that twisted saying, good things come to those who wait. Will I have relief, or firm things to need relief from? As I juggle the madness of living, will I have a ball taken away, or a stray one that smacks me in the face? A million bad metaphors could get me no closer to an answer; it lies in a blood vial, in chemical reactions, in a lab printout, somewhere out there.

Who comforts the comforter? Who empties that well?

Perhaps I should ask who is filling it in the first place...

(P.S. I don't have any details I want to share right now, since the test results aren't in yet. So I'll say that I've been better, but beyond drama at work everything is okay there; and that depending on those test results, we may have an answer to a lot of my health issues soon. Feel free to approach me through message or IM if you want though.)
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Today, I looked at the ingredients of some Lindt Hello chocolate I had bought at the store.

To my horror, it contained palm oil.

For those unfamiliar with it, palm oil is yet another foreign product that first-world countries have latched upon, and thus significantly increased the demand for. Last time it was quinoa, which likely was not as bad as feared.

Palm oil, on the other hand, is used in multiple industries, many of them large-scale (ex. soap). To meet this demand, rainforests in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Colombia are being removed to plant the palm trees. Needless to say, this has a disastrous effect on an already fragile environment.

As if that weren't enough, there is also evidence that the big companies running these plantations are threatening and evicting indigenous populations from their native lands, leaving them displaced from their livelihood and home. We don't need to look across the oceans to know how badly that goes.

I sent Lindt an online request to consider not using palm oil. I encourage all of you to do the same for any company that you buy from that uses it. You're welcome to use this:

Letter here )

Changing it to fit your company, of course.

There are enough awful things going on in the world. We don't need to make it worse by demanding things that aren't necessary. Chocolate in particular is already mired in rainforest destruction; there is no need to add palm oil to the problem.

Feel free to signal boost this.

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This post may get a bit rambling, but hopefully it'll all make sense.

So on Saturday I drove down to a coastal town a hundred miles from me to visit their aquarium with some friends. This was breaking new territory for me in many ways: I invited them out, not the other way around; I was driving welllll beyond where I'd usually go; and I was leaving the house to get to their place BY 9AM. And so on and so forth.

Unfortunately TW for social phobia )

The good news is my friends are total sweethearts and handled me being a neurotic mess with grace. They told me it was fine if I needed to duck out if the crowds were too much, and were willing to move which table we sat at at the chocolate shop since we were right next to a table of shrieking brats (that isn't exaggeration. I kept wincing, and one of my friends started to get a headache). I felt so bad that I was such a mess, but they were understanding and encouraged me to invite them out again.

I tentatively mentioned us meeting up for board games this weekend for my birthday and they said sure, so we'll see if I get over that activation energy bump again.

I'll try to link some pictures later, but Facebook is FREAKING OUT at uploading them, and also my hands were shaking so badly that most of the photos are shit. But there are some I'll share.


Now onto other things. First: Scott Lynch's Red Seas under Red Skies has a mother-fuckin' dark-skinned single-mother-of-two PIRATE as a character. I'm not enjoying this novel as much as the first in the series (The Lies of Locke Lamora, an excellent book), but DAMMIT that character is made of win. Apparently some asshat whined at Lynch about wish fulfillment regarding her and Lynch very bluntly told him to shut the fuck up, women need wish fulfillment too, which, <3

My favourite character is still Jean because I don't even know, he's just funny and adorable and he carries around twin hatchets, leave me alone.


Finally, I'm almost done with the Gareth/Andy story (I know, SUPER SLOW writer). I can't figure out how to end it, which is normal for me. So here, have a random excerpt until I figure it out:

No TWs that I can think of )

I'm not used to Andy talking so much. I don't think he is either.


On that note, I'm going to take Red Seas with me to bed and either finish it or fall asleep trying. Hope you all are doing well.

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Apparently the stress of the past few weeks has hit me over the head with the Writer's Block Shovel.

I tried to write a Tegre story and found myself only thinking of cliches. COME ON BRAIN. Cliches?!

I'm really itching for maybe a Nur story, so if I'm able to get that out, I will share it. But my brain is really being an unmotivated fool.

On happier news, though, I actually BOUGHT SOMETHING FOR MYSELF for once. For those who don't know, I got a raise/promotion combo, which means more money in my bank account, which throws me for a LOOP. So at the coaxing of three friends, I have bought... A shiny new gaming laptop.

It's not here yet but I'm so excited for it that I requested it be ready to ship in five days, and it's coming from right outside of LA. So as long as the fucking awful fires don't travel up the coast from San Diego, it should be here within a few weeks.

Speaking of those fires, we are in the most bare-boned drought throughout the state. Even here in the bay area, I can see where the bay is starting to RECEDE from the marshes because it's so damn dry. The fires are pretty far down so I am safe unless something starts in our area (which has happened in the past, though not when I lived here). My sympathies to those who live near or in San Diego though, especially since some articles are pointing towards a lot of it being arson. Which, bleh.

Going to go back to lazing about and trying to get some writing inspiration.

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We had a stressful situation at work that still isn't resolved; at this point, however, the stuff I can do has been done, and it's in someone else's court. It's potentially very serious, but I apparently subconsciously locked up all of the stress until it, of course, spilled over. TW anxiety, food ) Good, brain, good coping.

On the plus side, I got Sonata Arctica's new album, and it is fantastic. Furthermore, I think it stirred some creative juices, and I've gotten an idea for a story based on the following two songs.

You have no idea how disappointed I was that this wasn't a Backstreet Boys cover.

TW for war, PTSD )

Combined with my anxiety, this story is sure to be... Interesting.

Once I have more than a paragraph or two, I will share. I really just wanted to share those songs because <3 Sonata Arctica.

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I have a bad habit of assuming that I'm lazy or doing no work at all. It doesn't matter if it is a holiday or the weekend and I'm not expected to do work; if I spend my time laying around like a slug, I feel horribly guilty.

Image under the cut )

Today, I sketched a still life of Thalia bumming out near the patio door; planted some seedlings to start off the spring; and made the base for some homemade ice cream. I also did mundane things like take a shower and make myself a decent breakfast.

So leave me alone, guilty brain. I DID MY STUFFZ.

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Friday morning, I was doing my normal life stuff -- you know, gathering laundry from the basket because I'm too lazy to put it away. As I stood up, my right knee let out a loud CRACK and then partially collapsed. Because that's an awesome way to start out the day.

Nerve pain on the drive to work, sore pain literally the whole day, having to ask for help with some stuff because there was no way I could lift things from the floor, and then limping after cleaning up a flood of water because I'm too prideful to ask for help TOO much... Yeah, great day.

Unfortunately my knee still hurts, but not nearly as bad. I can walk normally for the most part, and I can stand up using only my right leg, though it does hurt so I try not to. I'm hoping it will be okay enough tomorrow for me to do stuff, but we'll see.

I am working on AG, so I'll try to post some excerpts later. Pushing through writer's block is hard for me.

Hope you all are well.

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Work was crazy busy for the first half of month since our lab was due for inspection by a major accreditation facility. Think OSHA + FDA. They showed up Wednesday and there were a few moments when I thought the whole thing would fall apart... But we only got a single deficiency for an overdue fire drill, which apparently is incredible. If one more person congratulates me, I may dissolve into the floor to hide.

This weekend is very much recovery weekend, but here, have a tiny bit of writing:

For gen bingo, one of two tropes, not sure how it will play out yet )

Rose May is such a petulant 1800s teenager.

This story will be me trying to write 1800s schooling, Welen-style. I imagine it as like modern schooling, but that is just SO inaccurate. 1800s schools were both stricter and more lax than ours. Physical discipline was commonplace, but apparently so were guns since a good chunk of the school shootings listed on Wikipedia are some punk kid shooting his own foot while playing with a gun in class.

Rose May grew up and was educated on a farm up until some serious bullshit occurred (apparently that story isn't up on DW! Will have to get it for you guys). It's only been a year since her life was violently uprooted, so naturally, her opinion of everything is shrouded in doubt.

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TW for frank discussion of failure and mental illness (ED, depression, anxiety) )

For those who may be concerned: I am okay. Just doing a lot of thinking lately, and this keeps replaying in my mind. It's not really that helpful, and I know it isn't, so hopefully putting it here will get my brain to cut that shit out and think about more constructive things, like which prompts to use for stories.

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To help assuage my guilt over joining [community profile] dailyprompt as a mod and then leaving DW, I've posted a prompt over yonder. Check it out here; my prompts tend to be very abstract but if it suits your fancy, feel free to share it!

Now for more general updates: we didn't have a nature tour of the reserve, so I'm afraid that I did not take many photos and am not sure any of them are really "pretty" enough to show you. THe reserve is basically being rebuilt into a marsh after being transformed into salt lakes and coated in glass waste in years past. Our job was to plant native seedlings along the shores to bring the marshlands back. Eventually the hope is to have almost all of it converted back to marsh with a nature trail and a boat launch for canoes and such.

It's horrifying how much glass people uncovered. Also you know those black fabric blanket things they put over grass sometimes? Yeah, uh, I uncovered the remains of one of them. Now there are seedlings where it used to be, which I think is more appropriate.

But oh do I ache. I have poor joints and these past few days the weather has pissed them off. I hoped going out and doing some activity would help stretch them out and ease the aching, but no, it just made it worse. My elbows hurt. My shoulders hurt. My wrists hurt. The bottom palms of my hand hurt. I was hoping to clean ALL THE THINGS today and I'm not sure I can be nearly as ambitious as I hoped.

But whatever, I got to wield a PICK-AX.

Let me know if you want to see photos. I'll try to post some writing again later today since I'm keeping up a good pace and don't want to lose it.
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This will be a relatively quick post of "life & writing" since at 9AM I start volunteering with Save the Bay. We'll be planting native seeds in an area of the Hayward coast that is closed to the public. I hope they'll let us take some pictures as we start with a 15-minute nature walk, but since it's a very delicate ecosystem right now they may not.

After that it will be shop at Target for some food, an iron, super glue (oh yeah, I'm having FUN tonig-- Wait no, I just spilled candle wax on the carpet), and copious amounts of clearance chocolate.

Then back home for hopefully some writing or at least video games.

Speaking of writing:

TW for severe depression, because Tegre )

I have a rant about how some people STILL BELIEVE in humourism, but not enough time to get into it. Hope you all have a lovely Saturday.

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This looks very cool.

Actually, it looks cool whether you're otherkin or not. Check it out; only $5 to get the beta and they've met goal.

Hope to post some writing later, but have a headache and am feeling really lazy right now. We shall see.

Edit - I r rel gud at HML guyz
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Hello everyone.

Every year, without fail, someone on the internet brings up the diatribe about how Christmas has become too commercial.

I'm guilty of it.

As a little kid, I'd wake up at 4AM or so, anxious and terrified that Santa didn't come. I'd sneak upstairs to where the Christmas tree was -- I distinctly remember one year we had it in the spare bedroom, which was adjacent to my parents' bedroom, which added a whole new level of anxiety for me. Trying to be silent with a decade-old house that liked to creak, I'd find the tree, and feel a rush of relief at there being presents. Santa hadn't forgotten, or I hadn't been a bad girl.

Fast forward a decade or so, and I still like the presents the most. I feel guilty for it, feeling like I should like it for the family, but the truth is -- I like gifts and I like getting things for free.

This year, I couldn't afford to go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday -- as a kid we would go to my grandmother's house, and I would gorge myself on pierogi and cranberry sauce. This is the second Thanksgiving I had to miss, and calling my grandmother isn't the same. But this year, I missed Christmas as well. I couldn't afford those tickets, and both of my parents had medical emergencies this year (not to mention my father's company deciding to knock his salary by $10K for "overhead").

I can tell you right now that the most peaceful holiday you can have, especially if you are a shy introvert, is one on your own, in your own space. I went out for a haircut and quick shopping on Saturday, and haven't left since, because oh god the traffic. My brain is revving up its insanity for this part of the year -- it's like I have SAD except crazy anxiety for like, December/January -- but these past few days have been peaceful and quiet.

It doesn't take much to make me happy in terms of gifts. My mother got me a Kamelot CD, a pair of new headphones, and a Someecards pillow featuring their hilarious Sorry for being myself card. This pillow is definitely my favourite. Hari got me three books, two by Atwood, and one about Henrietta Lacks, whose cancer cells were taken and cultured, without her permission or consent, and form the backbone of our cancer stock and research.

But what did I give? How did I participate in this holiday of spending? With a dash of charity: Meals 4 Others.

Meals 4 Others offers food and food-related items for gifts. Associated with these are "meals". Basically, depending on what you buy, the company donates money to a food bank of your choice to the equivalent of the "meals" of that item. Items range in price from <$10 to $100+. They have everything from hot sauce to lobster meals to tea.

Only my mother and cousin really are flexible enough for me to get them this kind of thing. My mother especially appreciated her gift; as a social worker, she is painfully aware of the misfortunes of the world, and so was delighted to get chocolate AND know that a food bank was helped. Judging by what she told me, the gifts come with a hand-written card describing the donation, and a sticker saying how many meals were donated. So it's a really touching way to combine gift-giving with helping others.

The San Francisco Food Bank and Cheshire Food Bank received my donations; one of them I didn't let know, I think Cheshire because I get enough spam. On the 28th I will be volunteering at the SF bank as part of my holiday giving. I still need to make a monetary donation to a charity of my choice (suggestions welcome!), but I'm a bit low on funds this month, so it will be a new year donation.

If you want to give someone the good ol' fashioned gift of food, I recommend Meals 4 Others. Everyone deserves some food.

On that note, I hope you all have Happy Holidays.

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Tumblr, in a rare moment of proper privilege check, now hosts We are not Trayvon Martin, a tumblr where people of all races, sexualities, genders, etc. post how they are not Trayvon Martin; how privilege did (or did not) get them somewhere; and what we need to do to stop more pointless deaths from happening.

I highly recommend it as a read, and perhaps to submit your own story for why you aren't Trayvon Martin; but how you realize his death should never have happened.

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I just got back from volunteering at the San Francisco Food Bank, something I am hoping to establish into a semi-regular routine. I've had this sort of community sense ever since I was a child, when I would donate some of my allowance each month to North Shore Animal League. I regretted throughout college that I did not have the time, energy, or sanity to go out and help those less fortunate than myself. Now that I have time again, I'm hoping to go to the food bank once a month, or once every other month, to help out people. I would volunteer at animal shelters too, but the ones around here require you to commit for 40 hours a month, and I don't have that kind of extra energy lying around.

The thing with volunteering for me is that it doesn't give me any sort of ego boost or anything of the sort. I just feel a sense of... I don't know. Like I did something right. Like I made up for being so privileged and fortunate. I guess you could call it karma, or maybe my inferiority complex but either way: good results all around.

But now for the part I imagine you all are REALLY reading for. A few weeks ago, I decided I was going to self-publish a book of short stories. SInce then I've been exhausted, stressed, and lazy, but I'm now trying to kickstart myself back into writing and planning. Thus, I've been brainstorming what I want the theme of this book to be, and as a result, what kinds of stories I will be writing.

That's where I want you guys to give me opinions. I've thought of a few things that I think would make a good introductory book to my work and world, but I'm not entirely sure on the logistics. Thus:

1) Which theme sounds coolest to you?

- Location-driven - a collection of short stories, each derived from a different area of Malanee, thus exploring different cultures and lives
- Species-driven - similar to location, but focused on Malanee's varied sentient species. Individual stories for faeries, Oerdum, vampires, humans, etc.
- Character-driven - a collection of short stories that would serve as a sort of sneak-peek introduction to major characters in my work. Stories for Nur, Rose May, Kader, Tegre, Bertram, Alden, etc.
- Something else? Let me know!

2) Which characters are you MOST interested in seeing more of?

- Kader, Tegre, Eilís
- Bertram/Bakari, Alden, Batuuli (formerly Bertula)
- Rose May, Meander, Nur
- Nur, Almas, Lynette, Lin
- Anca, Victoria
- Gareth, Andy, Jacob, Duff
- Mahli, Malachi, Tadhg
- Anyone else I forgot

3) Which species are you MOST interested in seeing more of?

- Faeries (Mountain faeries, dryads, succubi, pixies, sirens)
- Wereanimals
- Vampires
- Oerdum
- Demons (Swamp, Mountain)
- Humans
- Demis

4) Anything else you'd like to see or recommend?

So yes. Please let me know and hopefully, I will have some prose to share from the novels soon.

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First off, J.J is hosting a love meme here. I won't say much about it since love memes tend to be kind of bittersweet for me, for various private reasons and public. But do go share some love. I'll do my best to mosey over and comment to some extent.

I also am back in CA. The wedding was really lovely and beautiful. It was Renaissance-themed and the bride and groom wore extremely non-traditional beautiful Renaissance wear instead of the typical "white purity virgin dress" and "manly man tuxedo". Also the priest dressed like a friar.

It was really nice to see all of my friends again, though it'd be nice if TW, there I go with alcohol again )

But the next day I went to the Cornell Plantations, then the Cornell Lab of Ornithology with another friend. So here are some photos:

Giant photos, hoorah! )

All right. I need to head off to the shower, then signing my lease for the next year, then work, but for those who don't have experience with geese:

See the look on its face? THat's not a look of fear. That's a look of "You better move from my babies before YOU DIE."

Seriously guys. You may be a human, but you are helpless to geese.



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