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My circadian rhythm has decided to fuck everything again, and after a few weeks of waking up at 7AM, then a few more weeks waking up at 6AM, this morning I woke up at 5-fucking-AM. NP recommended upping the trazadone and I'll be leaving work early tomorrow (did so today as well, or tried) to try and convince the dumbassery to go away, thanks.

Been trying to get back into writing regularly, but seems I'm at a rough point in AG. Here you all are anyway:

TW for spousal abuse )

Rose May is a one-track record and she ain't gonna skip because you're going to Frenton.

On that sleep-deprived note, will try to get a bit more writing tonight. We shall see.

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Chapter Two finished; it was way easier since there weren't that many changes to make from the second revision.

Except for Greta's attitude, which is now MUCH more snooty upper-class woman )

Also it's shedding season for Thalia. I can tell because my allergies are PISSED. Dusting the coffee table probably wasn't the smartest idea either. HOpefully OTCs get rid of the tight feeling in my chest.
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Title: N/A
Genre: Fantasy
The Troops: Greta
Status: Complete but VERY rough
Rating: M for implications of violence and due to trigger warning: suicide and domestic violence
Summary: Under the stars in the dying winter, face the moment...
Prompt: Nothing left
Author's Notes: I don't think I really wrote the emotion of this well so I'll have to go back and try later. Also this contains spoilers for my novel. And makes me really sad. :(


Under the stars... )


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