Sep. 20th, 2014 01:50 pm
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Forget-me-not sayeth the flowers, seeds of burrs and petals of baby blue.
But oh, what did you do to never be forgotten, with your mouse's ears and fingertip flowers?
What have you heard, Myosotis?
Should we not forget, because you cannot?
What have you seen, clustered in dozens along her cobblestone walls?
O! if you could but talk, the stories you could share, like the fly on the wall in her kitchen, hearing the buzz of a timer that received no answer.
Why are you so blue, Myosotis?
Who turned those petals red, the color against the wall, whose eyes lay open and sticky?
O! poor flowers and flies and walls, stuck in their ways and worlds.
We will not forget you, Myosotis.
We will maintain the garden of memories, alongside her cobblestones.


Prompt "forgetting". What in the WORLD this is, I couldn't tell you.

Once I finish a few other stories, though, I'll have a very late bingo for [community profile] origfic_bingo.
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Stay out of the Garanee Swamps )

Not much to say here. Just a little something that came into my mind and I decided to write. Will need plenty of revisions to work out the physics and stuff of it. Sorry it sucks.
breezeshadow: WRITING TIMES ICON (BellaGUC)
Title: N/A
Genre: Fantasy
The Troops: Greta
Status: Complete but VERY rough
Rating: M for implications of violence and due to trigger warning: suicide and domestic violence
Summary: Under the stars in the dying winter, face the moment...
Prompt: Nothing left
Author's Notes: I don't think I really wrote the emotion of this well so I'll have to go back and try later. Also this contains spoilers for my novel. And makes me really sad. :(


Under the stars... )


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