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Hello everyone.

I apologize for my lack of more interesting posts. Between my car having a flat tire, having to take the BART to work two days in a row (and injuring myself being stupid and walking nearly 4mi in like two days), and dealing with what I'm pretty sure is mild but extra-long PMS, I haven't had much energy or thought for creativity.

Tomorrow I'm working from home so I'll be close to the dealership should they FINALLY call about a damn tire, and also to force myself to rest my ankles -- I'm hypermobile in pretty much all of my joints (no seriously. My toes go out of alignment. Hurts like fucking hell), and since my knees are pretty weak, they tend to transfer all of the load to my ankles (or so that's the theory of a childhood physical therapist I saw once). Ankles weren't meant for that shit, so they need a rest.

I'm also beginning my apartment search, and it's SUPER hard to find an affordable place to live in the west bay that is not sketchy. I would love to move to the edge of the west peninsula, since there's a small town near the ocean that has the dreary weather I'm used to from the northeast, and there is even an apartment complex that looks promising. But it's not showing anything available, so I'm spreading out my feelers.

This is not made easy by the internet being full of whiners and fake reviews. My favourite is complaining about mold in Daly City. That's like complaining about fog in San Francisco. The BART passed by Daly City today and I could just see this huge front of FOG taking up half of the sky. That's just how the west peninsula rolls.

There's an area just past the bridge I take to work that is a bit far (~15mi), but still cuts my trip to work in half. I just hope to find someplace affordable; it's really hard to beat the rent I have going right now. To be able to pay the same amount (basically rent+tolls), I would have to pay like... $1200 at the most. That isn't going to happen on the west bay, so $1500-$1600 is my absolute max.

At least if I'm stuck here a while, I still have a home, and one I like at that. Recently I had the amazing feeling of getting a paycheck and realizing I didn't absolutely NEED to spend it on anything. I even did the shocking rare thing of buying myself something I wanted -- A roomba, because Thalia's shedding has my allergies very upset and my current vacuum is basically a giant dust buster with a useless vacuum attachment.

Speaking of Thalia...

Pics under the cut )

So yeah, that's me. I likely will tuck into bed early again and catch up on needed rest. And get woken up by Thalia mewing for food and attacking my feet.

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Picspam of a beautiful, hyper cat here )

She is a doll. And I love her.
breezeshadow: Is it not adorable? (PumaKitten)
Her name is Thalia, and she is currently hiding under the bed. I'm doing my best to pretend I don't know she is there.

Thus, the only picture I have of her is a blurry phone pic of her looking terrified, so once she calms down and realizes I don't plan to murder her, I'll share pictures.

For now, I'll try to calm MYSELF from thinking 'Oh my god what if she is like this forever and hates me and I have to return her and feel like a loser pet owner DD: " by playing some video games.

But if you really want to know what she looks like... she has eyes and ears?



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