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TW for hints at suicidal thoughts, PTSD )

Just a little Andy story. I was trying to think of who to use for the prompt "wounds" ([community profile] origfic_bingo), and sadly it took me a while to remember Andy instead of Tegre or Gareth.

Will fit it out a bit more. I just have focused on two works in October and wanted to get a third in as something to share.

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This post may get a bit rambling, but hopefully it'll all make sense.

So on Saturday I drove down to a coastal town a hundred miles from me to visit their aquarium with some friends. This was breaking new territory for me in many ways: I invited them out, not the other way around; I was driving welllll beyond where I'd usually go; and I was leaving the house to get to their place BY 9AM. And so on and so forth.

Unfortunately TW for social phobia )

The good news is my friends are total sweethearts and handled me being a neurotic mess with grace. They told me it was fine if I needed to duck out if the crowds were too much, and were willing to move which table we sat at at the chocolate shop since we were right next to a table of shrieking brats (that isn't exaggeration. I kept wincing, and one of my friends started to get a headache). I felt so bad that I was such a mess, but they were understanding and encouraged me to invite them out again.

I tentatively mentioned us meeting up for board games this weekend for my birthday and they said sure, so we'll see if I get over that activation energy bump again.

I'll try to link some pictures later, but Facebook is FREAKING OUT at uploading them, and also my hands were shaking so badly that most of the photos are shit. But there are some I'll share.


Now onto other things. First: Scott Lynch's Red Seas under Red Skies has a mother-fuckin' dark-skinned single-mother-of-two PIRATE as a character. I'm not enjoying this novel as much as the first in the series (The Lies of Locke Lamora, an excellent book), but DAMMIT that character is made of win. Apparently some asshat whined at Lynch about wish fulfillment regarding her and Lynch very bluntly told him to shut the fuck up, women need wish fulfillment too, which, <3

My favourite character is still Jean because I don't even know, he's just funny and adorable and he carries around twin hatchets, leave me alone.


Finally, I'm almost done with the Gareth/Andy story (I know, SUPER SLOW writer). I can't figure out how to end it, which is normal for me. So here, have a random excerpt until I figure it out:

No TWs that I can think of )

I'm not used to Andy talking so much. I don't think he is either.


On that note, I'm going to take Red Seas with me to bed and either finish it or fall asleep trying. Hope you all are doing well.

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First, what you all are more interested in: more of the Gareth story from yesterday.

Soft TW for phantom limb mention )

Really, I just wanted to share that last paragraph. And also share that it took me at least a MINUTE to remember the word "ambush". I stared at WordPad thinking "There's a word for when a group surprise attacks you. I KNOW there is... But what is it?" I was just writing out a text to a friend to ask when it came to me. Thanks, brain.

Also I apologize for my writing being awful lately. I've been severely out of the habit, and Zoloft-brain is being pretty bad lately in creative writing.

And then, to explain the icon: TW for anxiety )

Now to continue this story and hope it gets a bit less like pulling teeth.

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Bad brain spell, tonight. So I inked the drawing for my friend, loaded up Sims, and typed this up on my iPad:

TW for disturbing imagery, war imagery, and uh, loss of limb? )

The _____ is for the name of the doctor, which I have forgotten and will look up later. Obviously, this scene is not finished yet since there isn't much comfort in there, but I imagine it will be pretty short.

Now to sleep.

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I made Andy and Gareth in it because come on WHO ELSE would I make when I have a game that now allows werewolves.

Utter silly behind the cut )

Seriously. This expansion pack is HILARIOUS. I kept snickering at some of the silly things happening. It means I'm getting no writing done but considering my anxiety lately I'm not sure I would anyway.

Maybe a more legit post later. Sorry guys. Just had to share these images.

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Title: Pending
Genre: Fantasy
The Troops: Gareth, Andy
Status: Complete but very rough, likely typos everywhere
Rating: PG-13, just in case
Summary: In running from yourself, you may just run into others.
Prompt: "Run"


This was supposed to be depressing )
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So having made Rose May's household, it's time for Gareth and Andy. Gareth has pretty much been all set and ready to go, though making his Sim was tricky. I think I mostly got what I want, but there are a few issues. For one thing, he looks too young and attractive. Gareth has aged prematurely, to the point of greying hair (which I mostly got; his hair does look a bit old), and an old face. Sadly, I could not get a very old face on a Young Adult Sim, but I tried. I left a stubble because Gareth's hygiene is nicht sehr gut.

Then come traits. Gareth is a Workaholic (Trait I) like Rose May, but unlike Rose May he has Commitment Issues (Trait II), which are painfully clear in his on/off relationship with Andy. Though he may seem like one, Andy is actually not a perfectionist, but he is very Ambitious (Trait III), and can actually be quite Inappropriate (Trait IV), especially in court room. The last trait, like with Rose May, is tricky. I imagine Gareth as an insomniac but probably not a light sleeper, so I think I'll go with the random: Never Nude. I imagine Gareth as having issues showing extensive skin.

Favourites are tricky. Gareth isn't a big eater and so he'd probably prefer something light, like PB&J. Music and colour are random: electronic and green.

Andy is fun. As a brown werewolf, he has rich chocolate skin (too rich for Sims III to manage), beautiful chocolate hair (it can manage that), and brilliant yellow eyes (and that too!). I make his eyes look very foreign. In the end he ends up sexy. Works for me; I imagine Andy being a rather gorgeous were both in human and wolf form. He ends up shirtless Jacob-style for swimming, athletic, and sleeping, since he'd probably be in wolf form for those, most of the time.

Now for Traits. First and foremost, Andy is Neurotic (Trait I); forced castration does that to you. He's also really damn Unlucky (Trait II), and being a werewolf, he Loves the Outdoors (Trait III). From here there are a number of traits I could add. I could pay a tribute to his "wolves mate for life" belief with "Hopeless Romantic". I could continue the "his life really sucks" with the "Loser" trait. Or I could make him Athletic since he's, well, a werewolf. Decisions, decisions.

I give him Grumpy (Trait IV), as his friends are shocked when he is happy in the novels. Hilariously, the Sim growls. xD So far, Gareth has picked such a LOVELY mate. And he did: through all this shit, Andy still goes into human society, pulls through, and overall shows that he is one hell of a Brave (Trait V) individual. Go Andy.

Favourites are fun. Andy is a wolf; he wants MEAT. Steak it is! Music I just make Custom -- weres aren't big on music -- and for colour I pick brown because I'm boring. For wish I put "Perfect Mind, Perfect Body" because that sounds pretty Andy to me. Voice is the growliest thing I can find in the Sims. Oh, and Gareth's life-time wish was top of politics, of course.

Yay all done! I merge 'em with the other family because dammit, I want to play them D:

So without further adoe, here are the two newcomers:

Gareth who doesn't look like Gareth. In the background...

Is Andy who sort of looks like Andy. Face needs some work, though.

Just a bit of haha. Their relationship is REALLY high, higher than Meander and Rose May's even though they are engaged and these two aren't. Which is pretty much the exact OPPOSITe of the novels but oh well.

Off to play now.

Edit - In a LOL moment, Almas the vampire set the stove on fire while trying to cook Mac & Cheese, Andy coolly extinguished the flames, and Nur got all excited because HOLY SHIT FIRE. I had Almas order a pizza while Andy complained about Almas. Nur yawned in his face. Oh Sims.



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