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I've been playing Sims this weekend, particularly Kader, Tegre, and Eilis once they are in Arebe. They've been making me smile; Kader keeps acting very much as she does in the stories. Caring for the kids even though she hates them, getting pissy at anyone who compliments her, and during one hilarious incident, she slapped adult Conan, then beat the crap out of him. I still have NO clue what he did.

It gave me a bit of inspiration, though unfortunately it's pretty crap so far.

"Why can't I go to the river?"

She clicked her tongue softly, pretending to finish reading the sentence in her medical journal. He had waited roughly two minutes before asking this time, which tragically was an improvement. Last time he had inquired within about thirty seconds. Overall it was still about twenty minutes too early.

"I told you already." Kader flipped the page and narrowed her eyes at it, though whether because of the gratuitous nudity -- was this a medical journal or an erotica? -- or the child's head peering over the book, she could not say.

"But that's stupid." Conan reached a hand out and Kader snatched the journal away, meeting his grey-blue eyes sternly. He pouted back, crossing his arms and glaring through the mop of black hair that he hated getting cut. Even when he pulled such faces, Kader could see Tegre in the boy -- which made the pouting incredibly amusing rather than irritating.

"Your mother deserves to leave the house once in a while." With a sigh, Kader put the journal and/or erotica aside; whatever it was, she would get no chance to read through it.

"We go to the river other times Mom is out." The boy flopped onto the floor, long arms dangling in between his crossed legs. He would be a tall man; Kader wondered if Tegre would have been tall too, if things had gone better.

"Naesa cannot come to the river with us." In reality, Naesa would probably love going there and splashing the water. It was Kader who would not be able to handle two children in one uncontrollable location. At least inside the house, they were contained, and there were slightly fewer things to kill them.

"Naesa is stupid."

"No, Naesa is two. You were once that age." It felt like yesterday, and Kader was not even their parent. She rose to her feet, plucking the journal from the couch before Conan could snatch it. "Why the fuck do you want this?"

"I dunno." He was so used to her language that there was no smile or giggle. "'Cause I can't go to the river."

"Piss-poor attempt to guilt me, Conan." She put the journal on one of the wall shelves, safely out-of-reach of bored children. "Have you done your reading for today? All of it?"

"Reading is boring."

At that, Kader laughed, walking down the hallway toward the kitchen. "And what do you think that journal involves?"

"Reading that isn't stupid." Conan skipped ahead of her. "I'm hungry."

"No you're not. You're bored." There was Conan's reading -- not even opened on the table, though one of the chairs had been pulled out. Kader walked over and glanced at the titles -- mathematics, a few ancient languages, and Jayn history. She picked up the history book and flipped it to the first few pages, looking up as Conan sneaked back down the hallway.

So yeah. Apologies it's crap. Hopefully it'll get a bit better as I work on it.



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