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Turns out Lin is actually "Fin". I so smart. I was reading the story starring her to make her for the Sims, and I remembered how much I liked her, so here you go.

[community profile] origfic_bingo, "traveling"

"Fiiiiiiiinnnn." The oddly-accented voice -- mixture of Garanian and Welen, a truly odd blend -- dragged her nickname out. "How are we packing? Light? Heavy?"

Fin looked down at the items spread out before her. A few changes of clothes, some paperwork, and one or two trinkets -- all she had, and certainly only "light" packing. She brushed a few wrinkles out of one dress absentmindedly.

"Light. You are coming back here, no?" Packing would mar the dress either way, and so she reluctantly folded it into her satchel. "Do not forget your Welen identification."

"I've had to carry it everywhere for about twelve years now, Fin dearest. Not even a war can kill that habit now." Nur was trying to joke, but it seemed half-hearted. Perhaps it was too fresh a wound, too difficult.

Many things had become "too difficult" since the invasion. With a sigh Fin shut her satchel and put the handles through her wrist. The room looked incredibly bare, even with so little missing. Were it not for the bed, the giant pillow, and the demon on said pillow, it would be utterly empty.

That Anca had continued to live among aboveground society for so long amazed Fin. The demon was certainly not suited for it -- long-bodied but short-legged, with incredibly long, thick front nails and shorter, sharper back talons. She was made for climbing and digging, and her small eyes meant she was meant to do it beneath ground. Perhaps it was a nice change from her other life, or perhaps she felt some obligation to the creatures that had nursed her wounds. The demon did not deign to say.

At that moment, the tufts of fur marking her ears were up, though her eyes were closed. Paying attention, then, and curious. Fin walked over and tapped the demon's large nose with a finger. "I know you are awake."

"Astute." Anca yawned in return, revealing an impressive set of fangs. "I do not need to... Pack?"

"How are we getting her into Welen, anyway?" Nur stood at the doorway, her own satchel around one shoulder. She was dressed for the chilly Welen winter, though her large, clawed feet were bare. Her large, furry wings were folded tightly against her back, while a ridiculous hat was hung around one of her triangular ears. Her large blue eyes focused on Anca. "You don't exactly have identification."

Anca lifted her front legs awkwardly at the shoulder -- an imitation of a human shrug. "They do not consider me human. Just pretend I am a pet. Should work." Disgust coloured her tone, the tufts on her shoulders lifting.

"Oh!" Nur clapped her hands, a huge grin on her face -- never a good sign. "Can I ride you? Pretend you're a pack animal?"

"No." At least the demon sounded more amused than offended. Fin knew that feeling.

"Dammit." Nur snapped her fingers, claws safely sheathed. "It would have been so perfect."

"You are the only person I know who could ask that question and not be killed for it." Fin smiled at the vampire as she sat down on the bed; it was barely eleven o'clock and she felt exhausted. Without prompting Nur sat beside her, and then Anca laid at their feet -- a classic arrangement they assumed many nights these days.

"So why are you going all the way to Rezten?" Nur tilted her head at Fin, her hat staying perfectly in place. "I understand it's on the way from the wereanimal camp, but even so..."

It was a perfectly legitimate question. Things had been an utter mess since the invasion -- Antelon was attacked, and the rebuilding had been heart and backbreaking. Then came the proclamation that Antelon and Io both had been ceded to the Msakajunia Nation. That in itself was not a real issue; Fin had her identification from her diplomatic missions with them, and it had not yet expired. Anca and Nur both had filled out paperwork and would get their final cards in a few more weeks. But it was more stress and uncertainty, more stress to keep them all sleepless.

And then Coldsmith had requested her return. They had been incredibly kind to give her leave to stay in Welen, but with the war and its final truce, they wanted her to give an official report and interview. The least she could do was oblige, though the thought of returning to the citystate came with trepidation.

"The ticket is through the Rezten port." Fin sighed. "And as you said, it's on the way. Less travel. I think they want me back as soon as possible."

"You would be faster if you skipped the camp." Anca rolled onto her side to better stare at her.

"I know. I'm going to see Gareth."

A tense silence fell on them all, and Fin did not need telepathy to know why. They all remembered Gareth the last time they saw him -- in a hospital bed in one of the foothill cities, rushed there from the wereanimal camp. It had not taken long to know why, when they saw a bloody stub of bandages where his arm had used to be. More devestating had been when he woke up, to discover not only that his arm was gone, but also his city, his work, and his cousin.

No one had wanted to leave, but Rose May and her family were still at the camp, and rumour had it that the cities were considered safe to return to. That had been gross misinformation or just an outright lie. It was two months later when Nur started screaming, clawing at her head without warning.

Gareth had morphed. He and Andy had gotten into a fight with a gang of weres in Rezten, preying upon shell-shocked war victims. And just as Kisecawchuck arrived to break it up, Gareth turned into a wolf.

It was an incredibly rare event, to the point that most considered it legend. Humans simply didn't become wereanimals -- they gave birth to them, yes, but to become infected themselves? Fin had heard about it, knew there were records of it happening in ancient times, but she had considered it a problem of the past.

Kisecawchuck and Andy had quickly taken Gareth from Rezten, before the Empire discovered them -- even in a bloody war, none of them thought the Empire would pass up the chance to study what had happened. The wereanimal camp was recognized as a neutral party, and so they brought Gareth there. Two months later, he was still there; the man was a fierce defender of non-humans, but Fin supposed it was a different matter entirely to become one.

She had to see him. He had done so much for her that she owed him that favour.

So yeah. This will probably be a longer one if I ever manage to finish it.



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