Sep. 30th, 2012

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Since I'm getting some new followers here, let me say: welcome and hello.

I am Breeze/Brittany, the roots and mind behind this tea tree here (though tea actually grows in bushes but let's ignore that). I can be described relatively simply:

a) I am a writer of fantasy, focused primarily around human rights topics, sardonic critiques on our society, and just fun with another world and species other than humans.
b) I am also a chef, starter of a blog called Dinner Time that also exists on blogspot. There I take recipes I've found either on the web or in books, make them, and critique them. Occasionally I will also take that space to critique brands or post random photos of ice cream.
c) I also have MI which means more of my posts involve that than I possibly want. We won't get into that.

There's also things like doodling, Sims, gardening, thoughts about diet and politics and life, and all sorts of things, because I'm a sort of jack of all trades.

I will hopefully make this post more interesting later, but for now, welcome.

And enjoy.

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Spent most of today cleaning... Fun times as an adult!

Roasted Portobello with Egg

So I love portobellos, and so the idea of pairing them with eggs with tempted to me. Hence me trying out this recipe. It's extremely straightforward, and in a fantastic fit of laziness, I just microwaved some scrambled eggs to go with it.

The bowl I made them in perfect fit the mushroom. Which makes for a very amusing picture.

As for the dish?

Meh. So very meh.

The thing is, the mushroom had almost no flavour; you can't even tell I ROASTED it. Maybe I just got a freakish portobello, since they are usually bursting it, or maybe it should have had a marinade.

Paired with the eggs, it really wasn't the most fantastic meal. Maybe it would have helped if I made the scrambled eggs the nonlazy way, but since the two are cooked separately, then thrown together, I doubt it would have mattered much.

It's possible that it may test better with eggs with a liquid yolk, though; then maybe the yolk would give the portobellos a boost. Or just try marinating it. As it is, though, there are way better uses for portobellos.

5/10. Giving it some benefit of the doubt since microwaved eggs are not exactly gourmet or fantastic. Otherwise, though, not going to try it again.

And that's about all I have to say about that.



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